Al just dropped a new instrumental project, Rapper's Best Friend 2, the other day, and this funky cut can be found on it.

DOWNLOAD: The Alchemist - Gangster Shit pt. 2 | Alt
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  • hardy

    Someone handle that beat to Spitta.

  • iLLestFMF

    This Shit is Dope! I can see curren$y on this^

  • jones

    sbQ should jump on this

  • dumbfaggot

    U dumbdumbs, its already been used on his own album by fabolous. imma kick your asses if you disrespect me though

  • hardy

    ^ disrespect you? c'mon faggots dont even get attention.. I dont listen to Faboulous.

  • 2dope4nope

    Damn hope 4/20 really happenin with spitta CC was a good tape

  • rozko

    Uhh this sounds almost exactly the same as the original by Fabolous.. im confused...?

  • realshit

    its the instrumental for Some Gangsta Shit off of Alchemist's Chemical Warfare Album, track was wit fabolous

  • Justin

    I would like to see Curren$y on a remake of this too.

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