"One good thing about music when it hits you, you feel no pain." - Bob Marley

Inspired by the above quote, the Jersey native zones out and lets the melody ride on his latest set of visuals.


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  • Saw


  • Jay-Z

    The Veelude was one of the Best Mixtapes I heard last year.. Man ppl do not know what they are missing. Watch how many ppl are going to be riding him when he get a cosign or a big write up...

  • Jason

    Yea he's going to be like J.Cole or Joe Budden. People are going to act like he wasn't around making hits and then once he drop another Dope Mixtape and its backed up by some blogs or whatever. Then a whole bunch of people will be saying he's Dope like he was never around..lol But hey thats the life of a Rapper.

  • Mike

    Just googled the kid, He's definitely been putting in a lot of work lately...

  • Pat

    Yea Ess Vee is def dope. People need to stop sleeping on him

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