Familiar with Eversno? Me neither, but this came through the inbox (you know... the one that everyone thinks I don't check) and I'm fucking with it. Not your typical ATL sound but it's fresh. Looking forward to seeing what the kid comes with next. Shouts to Terry on the heads up.

DOWNLOAD: Eversno - Ribbons (prod. Dpat)


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  • aRto

    I respect it.

  • Richard Duplessis


  • John

    This song is really good

  • Diesel Antonio

    Good shit my nigga hope to hear more great hits. I loved FBG$

  • Nick

    This is hot, FBG$ is fire and I'm still fuckin with cold-blooded. Eversno has a gift.

  • Taks

    My nigga Terry!!!!! GOOD FUCKING SHITTTTT!!

  • anon

    Shoutout to D Pat doe

  • GDot

    Plesant surpise. Dude is the truth. Def expect more from this guy.

  • KrisCaine

    flow = smooth. concept = dope. beat = insane.

  • el gordo

    Hype as fck! This collab was on point no doubt

  • anon

    dope ass rhymes. beat is hella bomb

  • moneymaker

    this is talent at its best

  • Santana

    shyt DEF shocked me, i really hope to hear more from this dude! homie DEF got talent!

  • Audio Dope

    This dude is dope I hope you guys put up more of his work... I really love hearin unsigned hype that just comes outta nowhere like this!

  • http://Twitter.com/MithritadesHD MithritadesHD

    I'm gonna remain skeptical but I like this track(Shouts to the producer too!)...he should let me judge a EP or something but until then,I'm still in the nosebleed seats

  • http://jappyj.tumblr.com jappyj

    you gotta check out dpat's beat-tape: "blurry" and his newest beat 'desole'. he's on point with sampling.

    eversno did his THING tho. awesome song.

  • the third dope boy

    The homeboy is jst nasty wit it. i knew id c this cat on here one day hope to c alot more from this talented young man

  • http://www.Whoknowsjacole.com Jacole’

    my negro terry!!! seen this dude grow !!!! amazing artist!! respect!!

  • Tru Nativ

    FUX WIT HIM. the t-shirt said so.

  • http://melomania.us Shawnice

    The homie!!!! If you don't have it already, download his "Perfectly Awkward" Ep

  • http://em-iam.tumblr.com Idaura

    love it :)

  • http://unkleluc.com unkleluc

    slut time, been wit it

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