The Sandpeople rep comes through with the first official single from his upcoming album, Skrill Talk, dropping April 17th.

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  • who cares

    I was really surprised when I first heard this yesterday. I'm a huge fan of Sandpeople, but always felt Illmac's solo shit was kinda lackluster. This got me hyped for his album though

  • dx85

    you need to hear illmac's "the green tape" it will completely change your opinion on his solo music. one of the best albums of last year easily. and the producer g force flips the entire al green album lay it down track for track.

  • who cares

    I have heard it. I never said his material was bad. It was just lacking compared to other members of SP like Sapient or IAME

  • illmac

    That's the dopest part about being part of a crew with no weak links. A flavor for everybody! haha. Sape and IAME have been killing the game. Don't sleep on Only tho! haha

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