Directed by Crooked Engine.

After taking last week off, we're back with the third installment of QuESt's Fear Not Failure visual project. In the clip above, Q pours his heart out over a lost love w/ the help of Adele.

PREVIOUS: pt.2: Call It | pt.1: Ten Cent Pistol


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  • moz

    favorite rapper without a doubt

  • savynolan

    Shame how this guy keeps getting overlooked. smh. Absolute shame. Thanks for supporting him Shake. This deserves to be on the top banner.

  • Shake

    ^^ and it is. slot 4 or something i believe.

  • Steph

    Fuckin dope

  • vollric

    this is so ridiculously amazing, who can't relate? for real. this dude has quoteables that can go down in books.

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