Can't say this one of the most-anticipated projects to drop today (or ever). Tracklist/download link after the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Tony Yayo - El Chapo 2 (Mixtape)


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  • OrtizAlberto

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  • jones

    People still listen to him? haha wackest rapper ever after lilb

  • nito

    what you talking bout shake? i've been waiting on this since 1991!! jk

  • Tyree

    Downloading for the Danny Brown feature.

  • gotoschoolfool

    Shake, you really need to go to school and learn how to write. You fuck up more posts with your lack of attention to grammar and detail like no other. Fuck, man.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Remembers "Free Tony Yayo"??? HAHAHA!!!

  • nyc22

    [ Downloading for the Danny Brown feature. ]


  • Tha Frozen One

    why u fellas keep postin this crap

  • INS

    if it showed prod.'s maybe i'd check it for the beats but...none..

  • Blergh

    Tbh, Yayo isn't that terrible. He makes some ignorant & enjoyable music with good beats, so who gives a fuck? Gonna check this, since the first El Chapo wasn't that bad and Danny Brown is on it, which is damn good.

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