The Heartbreak Kid, coming soon.


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  • bawseman

    solid track. sick beat!

  • capo

    Very dope track. This one could be a hit.

  • flacko

    j cardim is so boring

  • lol flacko

    Tracks not bad, it's generic. I hear some shit like this all the time on south beach. It would be different if it stood out but it doesn't. I could still see this song getting play in Miami and Europe. J cardim is a decent producer though.

  • killa

    @flacko boring? nigga u either high on hard drugs or your itunes playlist is doodoo

  • flako’s daddy

    Hit hands down. Ariez is about to make his own lane. Nice job!

  • Jay Dutch

    Excitement for Wacka @Flocko is buffin' cock!

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