Recorded in one night and one take (hence the title). Any "mistakes" that occurred were left and they (Mod with the lead and Pat Brown on guitar and additional vocals) kept it moving. Tracklist/download link after the jump.

01 First Take: The Acoustic Sessions
02 Tye Dye The Night
03 Paradisity
04 Same Way
05 Windows Down
06 Lightning In A Bottle
07 No Girlfriend
08 Thought You Should Know
09 Pass It My Way
10 Chain Gang
11 The Path Less Traveled
12 Take The Credit, Imma Keep The Change
13 All Night, Every Night

DOWNLOAD: Mod Sun - First Take: The Acoustic Sessions | Mediafire


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  • Angelis

    Fucking amazing!!!!!!!! Keep doin what you're doing, never ever stop!!! You are a pure genius! Love what you're doin Dylan <3333333

  • xDesmond

    This is really dope. Just when I thought Tye Dye The Night couldn't get any better!

  • Meg

    Chain Gang though. <3

  • josie l

    So good. Mod Sun & pat brown did an amazing beautiful job!

  • danielle

    MOD SUN is inspiring <3

  • Stefan Massie

    Mod sun is the dopest! He inspired me to start rappin again and get back into art. Mod mutha fuckin sun!

  • Goldie

    = ) MOD SUN!!

  • aquarius

    a real artist

  • Sublime

    Great music, i love Mod Sun. Most inspiring and positive dude on this planet :] And Pat Brown's voice is awesome!!

  • somebody that you used to know

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep going =D

  • Jessica

    every time mod sun and pat brown get together it's magic, love this! so good.

  • Kelly

    Amazing. Mod Sun just gets better and better <3

  • Shannon

    BEST EVER!!! LOVE it!! <3 <3 <3

  • Carolina

    magic happiness in musical form.
    Keep it up!

  • Kyle

    Dudes crazzzy

  • Sierra


  • n88888888

    Ok, I like mod sun, but these comments are pretty suspect.

  • Mitch

    What are the chances of getting the tabs for...well all of these songs? Marvelous.



    is that better for ya @n88888888 ?

  • hero

    cosign @n888888

    I'm gonna give it a d/l, but come on, people, control yourselves. It's music, not ecstasy.


    I'm not gonna lie, it kinda looks like Mod Sun has some people commenting for him. I mean, he's alright...that's about it.

  • Friendbased

    He tweets to his 21,000 followers to coment on the post. Its a little weak but also makes sense. Why not promote yourself and the site.

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