Off FLOSS' upcoming project, The Legend Begins, dropping later this month.

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DOWNLOAD: Hollywood FLOSS - 20/20 (prod. Chris Rockaway)


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  • M

    I dont like this dudes music. But I've seen a couple videos of him and I honestly think he really wants it. He's got real passion straight up...

  • JIKK



    He's got that old school B.O.B Feel. Pretty decent

  • goo
  • Marvo

    Ride thru the city with this one..
    Can't wait till the next visual drops

  • Trill

    Dope track

  • edward

    track is hard!

  • Sassy

    Dope track, i digg his flow

  • JPrado

    Definitely worth the download

  • ChannelviewBound

    Need a new project from him ASAP

  • Cudder

    The beat knocks and flow is hard

  • Chingon

    ready for his next project

  • WreckShop

    Definitely agree with M on this one

  • Colombiano

    hella flow! downloading this

  • LilBigBrother

    I fucks with this track dope stuff

  • Smoooth

    gonna have it on repeat for a while

  • BreakSomething

    this track jammms

  • McFly

    keep it up FLOSS

  • DOPE


  • Ashhhh

    Dope track

  • Yesssuuurrr


  • ChristianLouboutin

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  • mckinleydixon

    Sounds like a baby LOS. Looks like a baby LOS too. Beats like a baby LOS.

  • Red


  • Purple Bastard

    Floss killin' again...

  • Killer

    Hollywoood!!! Nice track!

  • Complex!!!

    Dope song, beat bangs

  • Nastyyy

    Ready for that tape to drop

  • BMW

    i fuck with this track

  • Heroin

    track is crack

  • titosV

    Nice flow

  • ChaseHancho

    i can sense the hunger

  • Robert234

    downloading as we speak, nice song

  • Solulman


  • J94


  • ticktock

    Classic!…keep it up FLOSS

  • PGrape

    Dude is mad humble and an entertainer at heart

  • Dee

    Solid … I mess wit it

  • TMS

    Too many people sleeping on this artist..keep up the good work!

  • M

    this aint a diss but these comments seem MAD GENERIC

  • illadelph

    haha fake ass comments

  • Jeremiah

    Man, Floss is one of those artist who just continues to get better and better with every song he drops. I remember when he was dropping his xperiment tapes and boy has come A LONG WAY since then!!!! I have always been a HF supporter and will continue too support his music. Definitely one of the ones from Houston who is pursuing his dream. Reminds me of an early Bobby Ray. Was this Jeti on the beat??

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  • Ingrid

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  • adam

    good music

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