To help promote the release of Instrument of Emotion (and to show love to those that have supported him over the years), Co$$ hits us with a new jam

Instrument of Emotion is available for purchase now, 3 bucks for 13 original songs. Gold to Share (Blog Love) is my way of showing the sites/blogs who show me love some love back... If I didn't mention your blog/website don't think I'm not including you in the "blog love" drop because I'am, this is for all the sites who show me love... Gensis (Coss x Numonics) coming early March. Pz and Love to all.

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DOWNLOAD: Co$$ - Gold to Share (Blog Love)


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  • tompetty

    co$$ and macklemore are the most underrated/underappreciated mcs out. intrument of emotion and before i awoke were damn near flawless.

  • P1

    it's dope that co$$ fucks with blogs like RHHH. That sites the shit! I didn't think many people knew about it though, I thought it was like my own secret, haha. have you guys seen their compilations? brotha, I'm telling you, they get it in on the compilation game. Smoking Section is the shit too, people dont show SS enough love either.

  • BackpackJay

    ^^ I don't fucks with SS, just 2dope and i always pick up the rhhh compilations, those are classic but other than that, they aint like breaking any records or anything they just put out shit they like, most of it other sites have had up first.. but those compilations are ill, so is their fan page. I peep them at least a couple times a week.

    back to the song, this songs DOOOOOOOOPE. should have been a 2dope or w/e y'all do. this is super ill.

  • stopit

    umm.. rhhh is wack.. so is 2dopeboyz, and nah right, only dope one he shouted out is dj booth. coss is pretty lame if you ask me.. nothing special.

  • Shake

    ^^yeah, i enjoy going to sites that are wack as well. smh..

  • yaright

    are you guys really argueing about what blogs are better? wow. and wtf is SS and rhhh? what you guys like blog critics?

  • ianism

    ^^ they're just the usual internet commenters. at least the first 3 weren't talking shit. rhhh = real hip hop head // ss = the smoking section. they're other popular hiphop blogs.

  • Callan

    Coss x The Soul Academy!!! Awehness

  • psymun



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