On a not-so-coincidental coincidence, I'm currently bumping Danny Brown's "The Nana Song" while making this post. I wonder how many folks noticed that was Curtis walking past them during this video...

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  • yooo

    i was sitting next to AZ so what?

  • ayyy

    Rich Boy was pumping my gas so what?

  • http://nyc.com zany blunts

    shits illy... vintage gunit

  • Officer Ricky

    Love this track Yayo went hard

  • Common Sense

    I like this grimmy gangsta shit

  • Stunt 101

    All this shit needs is a quick Young Buck 16

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/brucepblanchard 2B
  • rebel.one

    Fif is back on his shit for real...he dropped non-stop heat this whole year....from the street king leaks to the big 10 mixtape...if he keeps it up he might drop a near classic with his next joint

  • http://Twitter.com/MithritadesHD MithritadesHD

    I might need to revisit this 50 Cent mixtape,I listened to it when it dropped and it was gahbage(no typo)...might have to give a 2nd listen

  • tay

    50 cent is back bitches...... NY waddup!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crO5dEhjBNg

  • K.

    Shoulda signed Danny too thatd been sick.

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