With the Mash Out Posse and the Snowgoons' upcoming collaborative album, Sparta, banging you in the head on November 22nd, Statik Selektah and Babygrande Records compiled this chronological collection of cuts from the Brownsville duo. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Statik Selektah Intro
2. How About Some Hardcore
3. Rugged Neva Smoove (DJ Premier rmx)
4. New Jack City
5. World Famous
6. Brownsville
7. Stick 2 Ya Gunz f. Kool G Rap
8. Downtown Swinga 96
9. Downtown Swinga 98
10. My Kinda N!gg@
11. My Kinda N!gg@ 2 f. Heather B
12. New York Salute
13. Handle Your Biznezz (DJ Premier rmx)
14. Breakin' the Rules
15. Blood Sweat & Tears
16. 4 Alarm Blaze f. Teflon & Jay-Z
17. New York Giants f. Big Pun
18. Half & Half f. Gang Starr
19. G-Building
20. Calm Down
21. Cold As Ice
22. Ante Up
23. Ante Up Remix f. Busta Rhymes & Remy Ma
24. You Don't Know (rmx) f. Jay-Z
25. Wolves f. Krumbsnatcha
26. We Got Gunz f. Gang Starr & Fat Joe
27. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
28. For The City f. Jadakiss (prod. Statik Selektah)
29. What I Wanna Be
30. Crazy f. Termanology (prod. Statik Selektah)
31. Whip Yo Head (rmx) f. 50 Cent
32. Get Yours
33. Sparta (World Premier)
34. Secret Outro Track

DOWNLOAD: Statik Selektah & Babygrande Present: The History of M.O.P. (Mixtape)

Also, head to TheWellVersed for their interview with M.O.P., where they speak on the album, their views on the current state of hip hop and what they’re doing to give back to up and coming unsigned artists.


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  • who cares

    Can't wait for the new album

  • NiggaPlease

    Look at that track list. M.O.P. got too many classics.

  • NiggaPlease

    Lookin at it again, this shit goes heads up with a lotta Hiphop groups Greatest Hits. This is just back to back bangers. This whole list is knockin.

  • Cage

    Instant download

  • http://eat-a-dick.com BazookaJoe

    Its all the songs on one mp3 file..wtf kinda shit is that? still gonna bump it

  • SMH

    Man, I love me some MOP. But damn Lil Fame looks like he is mentally handicapped. I mean, I know he isn't. But honestly look at his face... Something jsut dont look right, is it jsut the grill in his mouth? I mean how can you look in the mirror and be like, "Yeah, I look tough with this bullshit in my mouth". Fuck man. This is why I hate seeing what my favorites artists look like. I can't hear images, just gimme music save the photos for the fan-girls.

    All I hear when I see the image is.. Duuurrhhhderptyderpderp.

  • chef

    fuck you faggot. i bet lil fame has slain more pussy than you could even equate logically in your head. he's also a genius producer and lyricist.

  • nah_dude

    NY legends !!! been slappin MOP out in the BAY for the longest time...much respect, salute

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