DJ Benzie has compiled a collection of OU cuts from the past, and has added a trio of new cuts for the masses. Tracklist and link down bottom.

1. Tonight Is The Night
2. Change The World
3. She’s Leaving Home
4. Near The End f. Freddie Gibbs
5. Setting Sun
6. Life Or Something Life It
7. Loosen Up
8. It’s Like That
9. Lush Life Feat. XV
10. Everything
11. Stays The Same
12. Figure 8
13. Never Say Never
14. Catch Me If You Can (rmx) f. Asher Roth
15. Losing My Mind
16. So What
17. The Graduate

DOWNLOAD: Outasight - Get It Together (Mixtape)


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  • brandon

    Near the end isn't a new track, it's been on my iPod since last summer anyway.

  • Shake

    ^^you're right. mek read the email wrong haha.

  • #KanyeShrug

    change the world, stays the same and the graduate?

  • thakid

    ^yup, all dope songs, he deserves some shine

  • Pops

    OU is dope and is doing his own thing. Dude is gonna have a lot of success if he can establish this style as his and run with it.

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