The 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards went down this evening in Atlanta. BET just let loose two of the BET Cyphers featuring Gilbere Forte, Chris Sutton, XV and Jay Rock and Cypher 2: Rico Staxx, Wais P, Termanology, Sean Cross and French Montana down bottom. Catch the other cyphers on The BET Awards which airs on October 11.

SHAKE UPDATE: Other cyphers to be released are as followed:

Cypher 3: Estelle, Nitty Scott, Laecre & Saprano
Cypher 4: Wale, Pill, Stalley, Meek Mill & Rick Ross
Cypher 5: Big K.R.I.T., MGK, Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne & B.o.B
Cypher 6: Lady of Rage, Blind Fury, Dom Kennedy & Skillz
Shady 2.0 Cypher: Yelawolf, Joe Budden, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9 & Eminem

PREVIOUS: Kanye West – G.O.O.D. Music Cypher f. Pusha T, Big Sean, CyHi Da Prynce & Common [Dirty/CDQ]


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  • mark

    can't believe i paused my pron to watch this.

    no one really went in, now i wait for the shady cypher & the one with kendrick & k.r.i.t.

  • Pauly Dee

    Wait...isn't this supposed to come on next Tuesday? Kinda proves my debate with my dudes that most of these shows are pre recorded.

  • ant_tha_knee

    mannnn XV's lines were dope

  • Okey Ukah

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a weak cypher beat??

  • undefeated

    of course there pre recorded dumbass..

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ LOL

  • DreRoyale

    @ Pauly: No one is tryna say that its not pre recorded bruh.

    And mannn as far as round 2 goes, is that really the best NY has to offer? :x

  • slime

    the sound and the beat choice was bad. Xv and Gilbere went off though.

  • jomoses

    XV & Forte, chea.... jay rock too.. Term disappointed me though.

  • jay

    jay rock and xv went in when does this come on i usually hate the award show but the cyphers is nice

  • dirtysixchambers

    god is french montana terrible.

  • Pauly Dee


    I wasn't saying that they weren't. I was referencing a time when my COMPANIONS and I were debating on whether or not these award shows are pre recorded, and I said that they were, based on some previous knowledge.

  • Mischief

    Beat was distracting and annoying for the cypher. I liked XV and JRock.

  • Tobias Funke

    XV and Jay Rock went in everybody else was ehh. The 2nd cipher was bad. French Montana was pure gahbage

  • Token

    That XV verse was crazy weak. You cats are losing it if you think dude was spitting something worth listening to in this cypher. Chris Sutton killed it.

    Term is wayyyy better than that. I expected more from him. The second cyper was weak all around.

  • Empire

    I didn't watch them. I'm not going to. I just stopped by to point out how uninteresting these line-ups are.

  • stevespliffler

    has anybody noticed that chris sutton has the arguably the best verse? I liked his better than XV and he's my dude. props to this guy "my swag will take your swags lunch money" hahahaha. P.S. Forte is not impressing me...don't know why but ya

  • mazoomy

    Wow Term is a midget. Never knew he was that short lol.
    And I gotta agree that beat was very bad for a cypher.

  • noreally

    damn, wish I could have watched it, but it was on BET, and Im white (wha wha). oh well I guess I can have my brothas give me the lo down

  • Pauly Dee

    The sound quality is pretty "Youtube-esque" though. I agree about the beat as well. But, everyone in the first cypher went in.

  • larryGee

    its sad when mike epps have to livin up the cypher smh. NY took a big L for this 1

  • Thinker

    sounds like French Montana went off the top

  • marty mcfly

    Jay rock was cool and Term was ok but the rest were weak. You know its bad when French Montana spit the most bars and his rhymes made the most sense outta everybody. Smh

  • Ermac

    Hope the other cyphers have better emcees in them cuz I wasn't feelin any of these dudes

  • Pauly Dee

    I think some of you may need to go back and study Vizzy's bars again, because some of his shit may be going over your heads...again. Just like with that "Kick" song.

  • Looking Like A Louie V Manechean

    I wanted to wait to look at this so when I seen the show it wouldn't be a spoiler but fuck it, glad to see my nigga XV get some camera time.

  • aj

    @thinker nahh he just sucks.
    he sounds like he has a moth full of food when he raps hah


    Chris Sutton cat>>>

    and Montana's verse wasnt too bad, his actually sounded off top

  • Chea

    I cant even lie, French montana went in tho. There probably not gonna air these 2.

  • TonyPlush

    Didnt expect to see Forte here but i digged it. XV, JAy Rock, and Forte had the best freestles. The French Montana and crew video was wack as fuck.

  • 101

    Montana's verse is off of his coke boys 2 mixtape so not off top not even new.

  • limassacre

    premo was wearing sleek by 50 headphones lol

  • That One Guy

    That first cypher was decent, nobody really went in, but nobody was weak. But that NY cypher?? Wow. Pure garbage. Especially Cross & rico staxx, I mean really?? And lol at pauly dee thinking xv is going over cat's heads. Those v-neck & jodeci line was kind of decent, but he spit a couple lines chock full of corn (ring-fiancee, shell-turtle). Niggas need to either step their pen game up or we as fans need to stop supporting the average cats.

  • Pauly Dee

    Nevertheless, that Shady 2.0 cypher is going to make entire civilizations crumble, mountains quake, and entire seas part!



  • Frank

    @pauly dee please just say youre looking forward to it. cut the over emotional shit

  • Where what huh

    Hey where's the Tito Lopez mixtape or Asap Rocky mixtape? The Canz are supposed have a mixtape out by now. What the fuck happened to Nyles and his When the Clock Strikes XII mixtape?

  • Where what huh


  • rap genius

    people are sleeping on Jay Rocks verse. the shyne line was dope. so was the bar about stamina for rap and your woman.

    @That One Guy

    XV is really going over ur head if you thought he was only saying rings like a fiancee and shells like a turtle kinda bars. he said he "just kicks it like the kumate" a bloodsport reference. so now they're trying to put him in rings like a fiance. meaning he kicks it so hard they tried putting him in an actual ring.

    then he said something like "his entourage does keep shells, no turtle" (his crew carrying guns) entourage reference = turtle = shells. how is this not ill?

    but J cole say something like, "i rap like christmas eve" or "prolly make a gay n***a reconsider..." and we figure he's the next Nas? GTFOH.

    that second cypher was horrendous.

  • Ruler

    XV!!! that kid is the future.

  • marty mcfly

    @pauly dee

    Shady 2.0 Cypher? HAHAHA LOL!!! Shady ain't been hot since 2003. Dude's been falling off steady since then. What makes you think he's gonna spit an ill freestyle? I don't even remember the last time he's proven to us that he still has the skills to compete in this game. Dude was way cuter when he had that blonde hair. Now he's just got the boring old brown hair and he ain't getting the female demographic or the gay demographic to identify with him. Don't get me wrong, dude's still cute but does he have mad sex appeal like Hov and Drizzy? We all know that's not the case. I mean, as far as Em goes, would I still smash? Well yeah, it's Eminem, but is he still mad sexy like he used to be? HELL NO!

  • marty mcfly ( trolls praise me )

    @Pauly dont feed the homo troll. Thanks

  • doc brown

    @marty mcfly

    I need some plutonium! not for my delorean, I just want to put it in your toothpaste
    c'mon man trolling is annoying as hell...and i mean that literally. It's annoying as burning in a lake of flames for eternity

  • R

    @ The Real Marty Mcfly

    Dude get your stalker under control. People that are new to the c-section are going to think you really love playing with cocks.

  • faggot montana

    hahahaha at someone saying "French Montana went in"

  • jc

    hahahaha at someone saying "French Montana went in"

  • Lil K.R.I.T.

    the only way to make Montana worse would be to make it French. No offense to the French but on the real real fuck Montana y'all smell worse than jersey after taco bell had that one dollar stop-sign taco deal...smh hmd y'all know me

  • M-P

    Part 1>Part 2 EZ... I thought everybody did their thing including Chris Sutton-Forte started off slow and picked it up XV and Jay-Rock=BANANAS.

    Part 2 was weak overall (notice how most of the spitters were from NY/East Coast but people still claim the South/other areas are the reason for the decline in substance & lyricism smh) Term's verses were OK but he's displayed much better and prolly was a victim of the cypher selection like a sports team that plays down to its competition meh... Epps was funny doe

  • sdgfwe

    did that french montana rapper star rapping yesterday? that was embarrassing

  • Nytillidie

    Yo how did bet leave the really Montana out PUSH! Montana French is trash cans and PUSH! Is the best new rapper out of new point blank period check him on

  • Nytillidie

    Yo how did bet leave the really Montana out PUSH! Montana French is trash cans and PUSH! Is the best new rapper out of new york point blank period check him on

  • Craig

    This shit sucked.

  • timestretch

    this shit was great.

  • king sofa

    this shit was exactly in the middle of sucking and being great.

  • david

    the beat's alright just the artists aren't and there's too much reverb, they should of spent the money they got from the sprite endorsements on somewhere better to record it, ruste juxx woulda sounded nice over this

  • whateveriguess

    These are only the online cyphers like they did last year
    Because he calls out so im guessing thats what it is

  • if a group has a subgroup then its order divides the number of elements in the group. Thus all the groups of prime order are cyclic with every element generating the rest.

    they say luda was in the cyphers? is that true?

  • Spike

    Jay Rock, Termanology, XV.. that's about it

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Jay Rock was the dopest IMO..didn't like Termanology's shit at all tho. Prolly cuz I expect alot more from dude.

  • Lotlan

    Jay Rock & Termanology schooled em.

  • dörk

    I only watched because of Termanology!

  • Krew406

    jay rock and french montana the only ones who went in

  • kelvin

    Termanology & French Montana went in!

  • freshhh

    Mike Epps had me rockin lol

  • dirtysixchambers

    where is everyone hearing about a shady 2.0 cypher? right here is the cypher lineup.

    View the 6 scheduled cyphers below:

    Cypher 1: XV, Chris Sutton, Gilbere Forte, Jay Rock

    Cypher 2: Rico Staxx, Wais P, French Montana

    Cypher 3: Estelle, Lacrae, Saprano, Nitty Scott

    Cypher 4: Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, Pill

    Cypher 5: B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly, Tech N9ne, Big K.R.I.T.(?)

    Cypher 6: Lady of Rage, Dom Kennedy, Skillz, Blind Fury

    It also looks like there will be a few surprises, and too my knowledge one surprise guest can very well be Joe Budden.

  • dirtysixchambers

    nevermind.... just found the updated list:

    Cypher 1: XV, Chris Sutton, Gilbere Forte, Jay Rock
    Cypher 2: Rico Staxx, Wais P, Termanology, French Montana, Sean Cross
    Cypher 3: Estelle, Lacrae, Saprano, Nitty Scott
    Cypher 4: Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mill, Pill, Stalley (MMG)
    Cypher 5: B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly, Tech N9ne, Big K.R.I.T.
    Cypher 6: Lady of Rage, Dom Kennedy, Skillz, Blind Fury
    Cypher 7: Shady 2.0 (Eminem, Yelawolf, Slaughterhouse)

  • Me

    These NY rappers got some lazy ass flows.

  • thakid

    Cypher 5 and 7 are gonna be sick. Man Machine Gun Kelly better bring his A game if he doesnt wanna get embarrassed, Diddy payed alot of money for you to be in that one dude!

  • thakid

    Cyphers 5 and 7 are gonna be sick! Machine Gun Kelly better bring his A+ game if he doesnt wanna get embarrassed, Diddy payed alot of money for you to be in that cypher dude

  • soopa

    all these niggas are fucking trash...props to jay rock for having a personality.

  • thakid

    sorry boys site was fucking me up

  • Stay Frosty

    THAT'S what NY has to offer? Disappointing.

    XV was the only reason why I pressed play on the first one and Sutton and Jay Rock went in. Forte, meh.

  • DeadAss

    Hey, don't count out NY just yet; if i'm correct I saw Blind Fury, Busta, Budden, Ortiz, that says enough.

  • allanté

    look like some iight groups.

  • A_dUb_ZeRo

    Jay Rock never disappoints.

  • GeeZuP

    The shady 2.0 will probably be the dopest and the cypher with K-dot and Krit minus lame ass B.O.B but overall all I'm really disappointed in the line ups for the cyphers I mean Estelle and Chris Brown??!! WTF Shoulda had more real emcees like Blu, K Sparks, Elzhi, Phonte etc

  • factormax

    xv's the lamest rapper out right now.. or maybe french montana. jay rock out of this cyphers league..



  • thakid

    i mean the second one sucked but as far as the first one goes i just watched it a couple more times and cant see why everyones hating. especially on forte. easily had the most emotion, sounded like he wanted to be there

  • MikeDao

    Everyone's been saying XV's the future since late 2008....His potential has peaked....low ceiling like shit? Yeah.

  • rmpwolf

    Can someone tell me why Drake turned into a robot on some Moonwalker shit and why French Montana is on TV with an unironed t-shirt?

  • anthony stacks

    I personally think the line ups were just bad to begin with. I wouldve had the 2010-11 newcomers like Kendrick, XV, Jay Rock, Dom Kennedy and KRIT in one and then the upcomers Gilbere, BrandUn Deshay maybe, the kid Chris Sutton, etc. in another cypher. This was just unfair to XV and Jay Rock. And the sound sucked. i would watch it again but don't feel like dealing with that old ass drake commercial.

  • eyekyu

    What happened to real hiphop? READ THIS.
    Tell me what you think.

  • grimyteddy

    XV is next up for sure. Random question though, did anyone else notice Estelle is in a cypher? She raps now? Pretty sure they could'be found some broad other than ms american boy.

  • Sam

    Check out the French midget

  • ObeyJayy

    Jay Rock went in, XV went in ! beat was weak !

  • Snow


  •!/realDJDT DT123

    Cypher 5 is about to be fire.

  • zbMrOG


  • RD

    how the hell do you put MGK in the same cypher as those monsters?!

  • Maga D

    Rico Staxx & French? lmao, wack mcs. If Mike Epp's did better than you two, you should reconsider a rap career. Everybody else was good though. Can't wait for Nitty, Maybach music, Krit, Kendrick, Tech, B.o.B, Lady of Rage, Dom Kennedy, & Shady 2.0. I was expecting these to be bad, but they were good mostly, so the other should be good too.

  • The Kid

    Random ass Drake commercial

  • Nate Dza

    What they need is a fuckin black hippy cypher

  • dev0f

    i swear Mike Epps and Stack Bundles have the same dental structure

  • Swageezy

    Cypher 5 is where it's at. The first cypher with XV, Jay Rock & Forte was pretty dope. But they definitely shoulda grabbed some other emcees. I'd like to see Chuwee, Elzhi,Diz Gibran, Blu & Logic in a cypher. There's a bunch of doper upcoming emcees they should of grabbed instead of fuckin mac & chz montana. Aer, Sol, Phile Ade, Quest, Rockie Fresh, Cobe Obeah, Los, The Kid Daytona, Fashawn, Ab-Soul, ect. List goes on, fuck it im just gonna make a cd with all those artists on it. I wouldn't mind seeing a cypher with the "proclaimed" best rappers out (Rozay, T.I., Kanye, Weezy, Game).

  • HonestJohn

    1st cypher > 2nd all seriousness, how many of yall have gone to Forte's website?
    This kid is doing BIG things.

    XV cooked it. Jay Rock dis his thing too.
    French owned his cypher.

  • who cares

    Only 1 I want to see is 5 and Shady 2.0 (Skippin what is bound to be a shitty verse from Em.)
    And is it me or is the sound quality of these this year extremely bad.

  • juju

    Chris Sutton came to RAP. everyone else put me to sleep.

  • Boogie Sean

    French made it sound off top- wasn't really good though. Jay Rock wasn't bad. XV, I might have to check out more stuff. Same with Chris Sutton and Wais P. Premo definitely has the Soul by Ludacris headphones, which I've heard are better than Dre's Beats. Term was dope but I've been listening to dude since 07 and was kinda shocked at how short he was. I'm happy that they added Stalley to the MMG cypher.

  • DAMN

    damn these cyphers were amazing DRAKE KILLED THAT SHIT!!! i didnt see anyone else turn into a robot wit sprite flowing thru them like water nigga! he was on both cyphers

  • learn your shit you fools

    you dudes are fucking idiots. call yourself hip-hop fans and yet 200 comments later not 1 person has realized that French's part was his verse off a track called "Whatcha Want" off Coke Boys 2 which incase you dudes haven't heard shit yet you need to peep... im not even a French fan but damn, cmon. not 1 of you knew that????? the beat goes hard.

  • learn your shit you fools is a homo

    no one here knows where frenchs parts from cuz we dont bump him like you do when your tounging his butthole u fruit ;)

  • banks

    Shady 2.0 Cypher!! >>>>>>

    Slauhterhouse and Yelawolf are gonna shit on everyone, only guy that might level them in tech

  • b ali

    fist off youre^^^ stupid if you think k dot wont merk.

    second, damn NY what happened???? smh

  • b ali

    first off, youre stupid if you think k dot wont merk.

    second, daaaamn NY what happened??? smh

  • hmmop

    this year seems promising.

  • xvsdope

    why xv is dope (download this shit!), here's the best career-spanning xv mix out there:

    props to misshapedmixtapes for dropping this. will make anyone a believer (and delves deep into his back catalog too)...

  • hmmop

    wait, can estelle really rap tho?

  • MR.3D


  • sb252

    @hmmop Estelle can spit. Check her out on Rapsody"s latest mixtape. Track is called Fly Girl Power

  • Ren803

    Crazy thing is the French verse sounded off top but it was on World Star a long time ago... And he spit the whoooolllleeee thing the same exact way... And nobody caught that? That was the first time I ever heard of that guy... smh... the second time I hear him I hear the same thing as before lol

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    5, 6 and Shady are gonna be fire!!

  • nuggiez

    Termanology always comes with it.
    Excited Cypher 5. Krit & kendrick! hell yeah

  • Keepit3000


  • Ant-Live

    Chris killed the shit, should have been at the end.

  • Antwan

    If you say XV is wack your dumb because your just not into his music or you probably haven't heard of him .

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