The iconic independent rap group Atmosphere releases a new video for their song "The Last To Say" off their latest album, The Family Sign. The video deals with the very serious and all too common subject of domestic violence. Victims of abuse include women, men and children, but all are affected by it's wrath. Nearly three out of four of Americans personally know someone who has been a victim of domestic violence. On average more than three women and one man are murdered by their intimate partners in this country everyday. A refreshing departure from the typical rap video, "The Last To Say" advocates positive treatment of women and focuses on the struggle many victims face - how to escape the abuse in their home so it doesn't continue to be passed down.

The coincidence in that is that I just read an article where a Californian woman went all John Wayne Bobbitt on her husband, and is now in jail for it. The fact that insane shit like this still happens in 2011 is pretty disturbing to say the least, and it makes you put a lot of things into perspective. But what do I know, I'm just some guy who had to deal with the shit in my own household growing up who just so happens to have all his genitals intact.


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  • sunshin3

    I thought the song alone was powerful, the video makes it 10 times better

  • who cares

    Wow that video was just..... damn. Gotta love the mood Atmosphere creates. They chose the perfect name for their group nack in '97.

  • atmosphereforlife

    amazing and moving song and very moving video thank u atmosphere for having the balls to bring up this issue!!! atmosphere is the best rap group out there!! he is a crazy good rapper and he raps about shit that is actually important and meaningful!!! atmosphere for life!!!

  • GEE

    Atmosphere always comes correct...dope.

  • Sound Verite

    Shout out Atmosphere,Minneapolis, yessir.

  • IIAI

    Well.. damn.

  • The_Villen

    I bet most of the people that visit this site don't even know who John Wayne Bobbit is....

  • Think Like Ya Enemy

    Wack. Miieapolis overrated.

  • gasface

    (Peter Griffin voice) You know what grinds my fucking gears?????
    People that for whatever reasons decide they don't like something all of a sudden bash the shit out of it!!! Get off the "Hate Bandwagon" and pick your own thought out personal reasons for genuinely not something in particular.Slug my friend is FAR from wack...maybe not your cup of tea but he is by no means wack at all.Just because people say he sounds you even know what that means?? Why do you even waste your time coming here to click on a post just to type some ignorant ass crap? Haters are all the same...a bunch of mindless drones!!!!!! SMDH

  • You*N*Gs*Town

    NICE. He continues to tackle issues that most adults don't even like to think about...even though they may know someone personally suffering from these iLLs...

  • jd

    Great video, good song, but I wish every Atmosphere song wasn't on some crusade shit nowadays. In 10 more years he's gonna be rap- uh, singing about social security, meals on wheels, walkers, and Florida retirement.

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