First official single off Skylar Grey's upcoming album, Invincible.

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  • Asad Khan

    isn the album called invincible?

  • XB the Wizard

    this song makes me depressed

  • Shake

    @Asad Khan

    good catch. temp dyslexia came in haha.

  • RSX


  • Billy

    mehh wack.

  • hova


  • JWH

    The album is called "INVINSIBLE" a play on invincible and invisible. Should be a good record

  • Rafae Sheikh

    No link?

  • KillaRas


  • yugang

    Sounds good to me. Say what u want, the girl can sing.

  • Kobe

    wow this song is really depressing and she has a great voice production is good too, i like it even tho it makes me want to cut myself

  • dr.boom

    it clearly says INVISIBLE.


    fuck outta here with this bullshit!

    why is she being forced on the hip hop world?

    i never met one person who was checking for skylar grey.

    support real hip hop. fuck this emo pop movement.

  • John Zee

    singing is a part of hip-hop, this girl can sing great and if you were open minded enough to give it a listen, I think you'd feel the same way. The content is depressing, but also incredibly relatable. Think about how many women are actually really like this...too many. Think about how many sisters, daughters, girlfriends these girls are to turn, that relates to men as well. I may not play this song on repeat all day, but I know women who I can share this song with and have it mean something special...and thats what real music is all about!

    Peace bitches!

  • thinker

    skylar wrote some of the hiphop songs that ended up on the charts. i dont think her getting shine on this site would hurt anybody

  • don king

    This has about as much to do with hip-hop as Miley Cyrus, no wonder rap's in such a fucking sorry state when this sort of crap gets lumped in with hip-hop. Might explain why when you contrast rap from 1995 and what passes for rap in 2011 they're literally worlds apart. Not in a good way.


    thinker said -

    skylar wrote some of the hiphop songs that ended up on the charts. i dont think her getting shine on this site would hurt anybody


    so because she wrote terrible pop music for the likes of Em and Dre she's now a hip hop artist? or somebody we should be checking for?

    again i ask, why is she being forced on us? those songs were manufactured by the label just like bruno mars nothing on you and airplanes.

    why is 2dopeboyz helping to blur the line between rap and pop music?

    next somebody is gonna tell me that lady gaga is a rapper...

  • T_Vizzy

    Agreed @MASON DIXON and @don king homies

    She can sing, no doubt, but this is too emo for this site and hip hop related shit

  • Riffic

    No ones making you listen to anything

  • http://Shy Shy

    dead@you girls crying about a skylar grey post.
    shes dope and this site has never been strictly hip-hop.

  • Phil


  • xxasimxx

    I love her voice, and hopefully she'll make it greater than Gaga. 2dope keep supporting her music, haters gonna hate. Bitches will be bitches. Ps. No one is forcing anything on you wack ass niggas.

  • yaz

    link plox

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    Rap fans are so closed minded it's hilarious.

    I won't be listening to this again, but I'm picturing you guys with bright red faces, sweat pouring off your foreheads, slapping away at the keyboards over a Skylar Grey song.
    Get the fuck over it...there was some real hip hop posted earlier, shit got like 5 comments so I don't know what the fuck you're really complaining about.

    Keep posting non-hip hop acts...sometimes you post some really dope shit.

    Btw I'd like to walk into a sorority house late at night when the party is done and play this song. Maybe some of those morons will have their eyes opened for a second.

  • Michael Dao

    How in the fuck is this hip-hop?

    ....Methinks, Shake is getting some cashflow out of advertising this dyke. Just saying.

  • ev

    Yeah this isn't hip-hop. It's dope though. And fuck out of here if you're calling this emo. At least it isn't another bullshit club song feat. Pitbull.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)


    Don't you know that hip hop fans don't have feelings? They don't talk about any negative aspects of their lives because they think the focus of life is cars, clothes, and ho's.

  • ATL


  • Turbo City

    This sounds like the soundtrack to the next white chick flick. Wack.

  • Pauly Dee

    I agree with red. Rap fans are closeminded as fuck. IMO, Skylar is dope. BTW, what makes you think that something has to be Hip Hop to get a post here. I rememeber a few months back there were a lot of Adele there have been posts about Osama, basketball, television, and the like.

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