We've heard her on Dr. Dre & Eminem's I Need a Doctor, Dirty Money's J. Cole's Coming Home, Fort Minor's Where'd You Go (as Holly Brook) and more. Now it's time for some new solo material.

DOWNLOAD: Skylar Grey - Dance Without You [via]
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  • PrinceJane

    Was waiting for this to be posted.

  • Hhfhcc

    Shake acting like Lupe doesn't exist.

  • What’s Really Good?

    Shake cries a little bit each time he omits Lupe Fiasco from a post.

  • Hetallica

    Pretty sure Lupe's song was bigger than Dirty Money and even "I Need a Doctor."

  • Jigsaw

    Believe it or not, Alex da Kid produced this.

  • Yo

    @hetallica What the fuck are you talking about? Both I Need a Doctor and Coming Home were top 10 hits. Words I never said was on the charts for one week then fell off.

    Words I never said is better than both and the Shake/Lupe beef is petty...but get your retarded shit straight.

  • paperchase

    A bit weird but not bad.

  • http://turbocityofficial.ning.com/ Turbo City

    nah, son. shit got too much going on.

  • UserName


  • http://ederlezi.tumblr.com Sasha

    Shake's a bitch. Lupe runs circles around EVERY rapper y'all post on here. Shake knows this, and so does everyone else, but Shake's head got a little too big and he was brought down to earth, so it's "Fuck Lupe." SMH. Poor kid. Swallow that pride, young'n.

  • Washcloth: the son of Towelie

    WTF is this? I thought this was a Hip-Hop blog...

  • Musikfiend

    Solo Holly Brooke>Solo Skylar Grey

  • ethos

    dope, sasha grey is a legit artist that people need to recognize

  • lolz

    ^^Not sure if serious...

  • SashaCohen

    Sasha, why are you so butt hurt over it. NONE of it has ANYTHING to do with YOU. Move on and swallow Lupes dick you've been ridin, young'n. And no Lupe doesnt rap circles around half the people on here. Its funny how all you 90's babies claim to know whos a hard spitter. Go do your research, young'n. (ps this aint Lupe hate)


    why dont yall just post some Britney Spears and Cindy Lauper and get it over with.

    this is not hip hop

  • hater

    this isnt hip hop, this is trash, last time i go to this gay blog

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