Never really been a fan of these type of records, but I'm a fan of Sly Boogy either way. And for the record... this will live on his upcoming mixtape, The Devil's Nightmare v.2.

DOWNLOAD: Sly Boogy - Have Sex | Alt


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  • El Kutch

    Not a fan of these records? What are you gay?

  • sparkz

    This Nigga Sly Boogie Been Dope! Good To Hear Some New Music!
    These New Niggas Dont Make Records Like These! PERIOD!

  • Your Father

    *Shake covering ears*
    Shake: Make it stop, please. This man on the radio is talking about willies. Putting this in that. His P in her V, put it in your mouth, suck it, suck it.

    I can imagine you act like a 10 year old when these tracks come on.
    You a grown ass man, fam.
    What does sex make you uncomfortable?
    Especially straight sex....just a mere observation.

  • Ali

    new Sly Boogy = YESSS!!! been waitin on new sh!t from him for years, him droppin a whole mixtape jus made my day, any release date on that tho?

  • Aremac

    Fucking awesome track to fuck a real bitch on! gotta fucks wit this...

  • Onederin

    Haven't heard Sly Boogy in a minute. Glad to know he's still making music.

    I agree with Shake though. Not a fan of songs that have a bunch of moaning sounds in the background and overly graphic 'lets fuck' lyrics.

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