This week's installment of Tufli Tuesdays features a track that will not find it's way onto Tufli's upcoming project, Cool, Calm & Collected, which is slated to drop on May 24th.

DOWNLOAD: Show Tufli - Growing Closer | Alt


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  • isaidit

    Nice shit !

  • ShawnyBoy

    Kendrick Lamar beat!

  • mazoomy

    I really like Show Tufli, but I wish he would do more songs like Beautiful Things or Rock Band/My Block. It seems he mostly does songs that are more "soft" (can't come up with a better word right now) like this.

    I'm not saying he should stop doing these types of songs, just that he also sounds really good over other styles of tracks and should do some of those as well.

  • Berp Willie


  • Stevezz

    Show Tufli where u been @? This is fire keep it coming

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