"God Loves Ugly"

BMUSE (who I haven't seen for a while) was on hand at Slug and Ant's San Diego stop of The Family Tour, and caught footage of the big party. More down bottom, and you can hit his Flickr for pictures as well.


The Family Sign, available now.


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  • doughboy

    You and Shake should do an article on weed and make a smoke song compilation tape. Meka you a rastafari badman top killah right ? I heard you smoked mad trees. Idk let us now. Payce bumboclot yute

  • http://www.AlwaysHustle.com BMUSE

    Update: It wasn't his birthday at all. He lied to us.

  • http://straightfitted.blogspot.com straightfitted

    Sluggo with the jams. Saw this 10 years ago still as good.

  • bstew

    Slug is the man

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