Off the Seattle emcee's upcoming Rhymesayers debut, Together/Apart, due out June 21st. Shouts to SPIN on the leakage.

DOWNLOAD: Grieves - Bloody Poetry (prod. Budo) | Mediafire


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  • trueff

    Atmosphere wannabe much? lol I hate wack underground shit like this........

  • wattup

    $WonDough$ up in this bitch

  • mark

    ehh, it wasn't as bad as the fist guy made it seem

  • mark


  • Alessandro

    Grieves is incredible. Can't wait for this album.

  • grs


  • man from seattle

    i hate seattle rap. i wish we had a better movement up here but all we got are fucking indie shit. jake one the best thing to come out recently. i hate blue scholars and fuckin all these other pike place pussies.

  • wack

    God this guy tries to sound so much like Atmosphere im surprised rhymesayers signed him. What a fuckin joke. Who listens to this shit? seriously.....

  • bRoman5thfloor

    kinda sounds more like mackle more then slug i think but its ight

  • 2TheSound

    The live version they did for Knocksteady actually sounded better. And fuck the haters!

  • NorthwestClassic

    @Man from seattle

    Truth that most Seattle rap does have a backpack style to it, but don't act like that's all there is. Logics, Dyme Def, D. Black, and a bunch of others (see: Sport'n Life) are all doing their thing completely differently than the people you're hating on. Besides, all kinds of rap are good, sometimes you want a slapper and sometimes you wanna think/chill. As a side note, I had no idea Grieves was from Seattle til now, wtf?

  • givethemanprops

    grieves is dope as fuck.
    he's been around for a while now.
    check out his album 88keys & counting then talk shit

  • who cares

    I love this!
    I don't see why so many people hate on this cat. Pure dopeness

  • kbergsaol

    Grieves & Budo are great, and put on an awesome show. Seattle hip-hop is incredible right now. If you don't like Blue Scholars, you might be retarded

  • ivemar80

    Grieves and Budo are dope!

  • sdfsd

    Voice sounds like Macklemore.


    this should not be representing seattle hip hop. WACK

  • Eli

    funky.dope. grieves and budo are the shiii

  • SeattleShyne

    I dont know HOW the fuck Grieves got signed to Rhymesayers he's a fuckin tool. I hate skater rap but Seattle hip hop is coo I dunno wat the fuck that fool was talkin about obviously doesn't get out much but theres hella cats out here doin their thing sorry it ain't mainstream.

  • Azire

    Haters need to learn how to spell and punctuate. Otherwise y'all sound dumb.

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