Inspired by Good Things, Mihalj Kekenj re-arranged Aloe Blacc's album to be played solely by a string quartet; in turn the artist Jaybo used Mihalj's version of 'I Need A Dollar' to act as the starting point for a one-off painting.

Props to SpineTV.


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  • moon1483

    Damn, that is real. Is this audio dropping in the future. I hope so. I'd love hear it as a whole. Good post. Thanks

  • DeLaJournalist

    Great post!

  • gregdeezy

    awesome stuff, hope the full audio drops sometime soon. aloe blacc can do no wrong, dude is one of the most talented artists....i mean PERFORMERS out right now

  • Sharkboxx

    Man I wish he does another Emanon album. Miss that ish.

  • DJ Steppe

    Not amazing, but I would love to hear their version of Momma Hold My Hand.

    Also, it is a string quintet.

  • Word

    Ich wusste garnicht das man es aus Kreuzberg raus schaffen kann.

    Not bad, much love from Berlin Kreuzberg.

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