That whole Charlie Sheen bit didn't last long, did it? Dah well...


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  • Caramelo Ant.


    jesus christ,back in time used to be the God Son,but maybe was a Lil B type of shit messiah. LOL!!! i can't understand

  • who stole my shoes?

    how can you post this and miss OFWGKTA? #sadreally

  • this ninja

    Nigga spent the whole video showing off that gaudy watch.

  • cahlo

    Wouldn't you ninja?

  • DJ

    This Nigga A Pussy I Seen It With My Own 2

  • Money


  • Based

    watch enjoy n retweet NEW @LILBTHEBASEDGOD -- African Mack - BITCH ASS REVELATION MUSIC (Lil B parody) funny as hell lol

  • YaBoyRampz

    LOL he actually made a Charlie Sheen song. This is why I love the Based God!

  • baby milo

    fuck shake(tylers voice) this nigga rather post this stupi shit rather then lupe and odd future....this website should get HACK ASAP



  • shonuff

    That whole Based God bit didn’t last long, did it? Dah well…

  • basedbook

    sheen winning sheen winning SWAG lil b winning SWAG based winning SWAG basedworld winning! positivity! winning! basedbook! winning! SWAG WOO CHEF POTS KNIFE CUT WOO WOO WOO -PREZ SWAG SWAG!!!

  • SmokinAces

    You niggas who like this song are dumb. Like do y'all realize he's giving you the same song with a different name everytime? Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, etc. Same beat, same lyrics, same concept, new name. Where's that dude that knocked him out? We need him back.

  • Howie

    Can someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong when I listen to lil B?? For some reason it always comes out sounding like absolute garbage.. am I supposed to smoke crack first? Same with odd faggots, shock value shouldn't be confused with talent.

  • mike

    SmokinAces is a because I don't like this it should banned ass nigga. If you don't like Lil b why spend time watching and then commenting? You gay.

  • SmokinAces

    @mike, did I say it should be banned? I simply stated this was garbage. And I'm gay but you like a dude that calls himself a pretty bitch? What??? But you're probably one of those Lil B fans who would let the dude fuck your girl in front of you.

  • Possum

    Shake, Meka, I'm glad you fellas don't post up that OFWGKTA crap, Tyler is the one crying about it, but like Charlie Sheen you guys are #winning

    Swag Swag Swag

  • KIV
  • solger

    can you niggas take the elitist dick out of you ass? this shit is hard as fuck.. just enjoy it and stop trying to find some alternate meaning to everything.

  • ZeeDubb

    I just can't follow this dude. i tried after the 9th Wonder collaboration but it's like he has a problem staying on beat. he raps slower than the slow beats and barely catches it...but to each his own. can't get mad at a nigga's grind...just mad at the lack of talent

  • saigersucks

    I'm sorry, I didn't realize that being elitist means wanting music that actually sounds good, if so then yea I'm elitist. Nigga can't even rhyme words correctly on shit he writes down.

  • yvvy

    lil b is bigger than rap, i feel sorry for all yall that don't understand him.

    how can yall hate on a song as hot as that?


  • YoungBTP

    I'm sure her father is proud

  • BadgerMoose

    cosign @ Howie, except I tried smoking crack first, and it sounded even worse. Plus, now Im a crackhead. #ThankYouBasedGod

  • http://2DOPEBOYZ t.SANCHEZ


  • U Cnt See Me!!!!

    Swag. Me. The. Fuck. Out. Based God & if you lookin at this post/commentin knowin u dnt like his musik ur helpin to why he has the buzz he do now, its like more fuel nd gas to the fire u dumass niggas


  • SupaDupaLT

    I'm very lost when it comes to Lil B.... please explain without saying "swag me the fuck out" or "Based God" or anything like that... I just don't understand it. No dissing involved in this post. I'm curious.

  • basedbook

    @Supa hit up torrance tk harrison on facebook with your question no hate please - just questions


    this shit bang tho.

  • T$

    Shyts... Whack. Nothing to understand... dude dont deserve for me to even comment or hit the dislike button ever again..

  • red

    Shit had me cooking for a minute.

  • thankyoubasedgod

    My god.

    Lil B dropped a monster track. I used to be one of those lames that hated him til I give him a good chance. Dude's dope as fuck. I feel bad for you guys who don't like this based music.

  • Rio$

    people who listen to lil b didn't even finish middle school..........sad really but not surprising #MLKISROLLINGINHISGRAVE


    hahaha everyone hating on lil b has no idea that they're the joke to all lil b fans and based people in general, which if you live under a fuckin rock you might not know but IS A FUCKIN MOVEMENT. you all are just gettin left behind and were laughin at your asses!

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeTimmyTurner

    Lil B > Every Single 'Rapper' From The 90's

  • Ink

    ^U can have your joke... Ill keep my good music. I really dont care about how u little inbreds feel anyway.

  • POOP

    @ Rio$

    MLK must be a busy man considering he's had to deal with Gucci, Waka, OJ, Jim Jones, Rich Kids, New Boyz, Shawty Lo, and now Lil B.

  • marty mcfly

    @ BASEDBOYS , The thing is Lil B aint playing the joke on people that dont like his music. Hes playing the joke on his fanbase because you the ones getting hype off this buffoonery. At the end of the day Lil B and his fanbase are gonna feel stupid a year from now because when it comes down to album time both Lil B and his fans are gonna see the results in sales and its not gonna be good. When his fans figure out that this whole time the jokes been on them , the backlash is gonna start. Now just watch and see...

  • POOP

    Marty who the fuck gives a fuck about sales? What are you an A&R? His fans are feeling good now because they got a favorite rapper and they're gonna go to his tours and have a good time.
    And if they move on they move on.
    I've moved onto different artists over the years, it's not like I cried and wrote a poem about breaking up with my favorite artists.
    If anyone stops liking one of their favorite rappers over album sales they are truly the most fickle and embarrassing of hip hop fans.
    The joke is on no one but the ones getting fired up over this.

  • J.Chronic

    @yvvy Fam, you wilin' You making him up to be something that is misunderstood, point is he is just ass plain and simple. I don't understand what you could possible get out of this unless you played it hella loud and just blew your fuckin ear drums out. Sad you need to Swag yourself over to some real music. And the song you posted ass, dude is getting drowned out about the beat and talking over it. Wow

  • LB

    clicked for the chick. WINNING!!!


    @marty you dont understand lil b and its fine cause obviously alot of people dont.. but if you search through his fuckin mass of songs there are some of the realest songs ive heard from an artist in forever his thoughts are so real and relateable that when it comes down to album time he's gonna blow all of you out of your skulls, he pts out songs like these and his mixtapes like every fuckin day, he's been working on his album for some time now, and if you knew anything bout lil b he's one intelligent mother fucker, i really dont see him screwin up his first major release... and if he does i guess the jokes on me... but i doubt it BITCHES!

  • TheE

    I don't like he's music but Lil B is a workhorse new music every week by this guy

  • Al

    He cant be that smart- hes pissed enough people off by now that even if his album was Illmatic most people would hate it just cuz its Lil B.

    Having said that, Ill still be shocked the day he actually drops a good album... mixtape... song... verse... line... anything...

  • Chea

    Damn Lil B done blew the fuck up. This song goes hard i dont give a fuck.

  • Roe

    I been waiting on this Thank You BasedGod

  • dev

    am i the only person who thinks the low piano keys sounds like music from Turok 64??

  • marty mcfly

    The thing that makes people mad is that Lil B makes anybody who wants to make hip hop music look stupid. Black people take offense to that because we have a certain appreciation for hip hop being that the music is built off our real life and alot of our real storys. The reason people why even some people like me still give Lil B a pass is cause hes a young dude showing how much he wants to make it. BUT he put out almost 700 hundred rap songs and he still aint even mentioned in the top 20 of dope rappers in the game. So since everyone thinks im a hater ill give my advice to Lil B and see if he takes it. The lyrics to his songs , I think pull more influence from rock music then rap to me. If you take the lyrics from alot of rock songs youll see alot of them have funny and playful lyrics before the hook starts. Example- N.E.R.D "All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom" makes people go crazy so I think he should start a rock band. Cause he got more rap songs then Jay z and he still aint dropped an official album so maybe hes in the wrong lane.

  • Cross

    i think my ears are bleeding playin this terrible shit.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeTimmyTurner

    @Ink: If you don't care, why did you bother to comment? #TypicalBitter90sHipHopFan

  • NawMeen

    Haha Lil B In A 2dopeboyz post. Watch these ignorant idiots who created this "hierarchy of music" for themselves cry and whine and hate,THEY WILL NEVER GET IT. KEEP HATING THO CUZ ITS BASED WORLD! & WE WINNING OVER HERE! TYBG

  • helloworld

    95% of generation y are simple minded, ignorant buffoons hence "artist" like lil b and gucci making money off of complete garbage. They must sit back, behind closed doors, and laugh at how they get over every time a big check is deposited into their accounts. america 2011: artist like blu and tiron struggle to secure deals, let alone drop major debuts, while brain dead waste of space ass lames cash in. smh

  • WANZ


  • Bob Costas

    i like watching this chick dance

  • Kris
  • red


    Well in Lil B's defense he's a XXL Freshman but then again.....

    Lil B is alright, I don't fuck with his music at all though. If someone wants to make a generalization about hip hop that's their loss. It's like me saying that rock music sucks because of hardcore.
    Lil B appeals to a group of people that actually seem to be more intelligent than Gucci and OJ fans.

  • all day

    @Marty go to youtube and watch lil bs how to cook video, watch the whole thing then come back and blare this video and cook your ass off! and come back and tell us how much fun yoou had

  • yung breez

    download this shit...10 times swagged up then lil b

    shit reminds me of old wu tang spitting or the lox

  • marty mcfly

    The thing is this , if you a fan of Lil B sometimes you gotta keep it real in order to see your artists make it. Lil B and his fans know what he needs to do to make it. You think I dont know Lil B s music? I knew about Lil B long before his fanbase but I gotta keep it real in my comments. His fanbase should tell him to stop with the basic shit and go in the studio and drop some real shit that people can really get behind. Simple as that cause one day the jokes aint gonna be funny no more , whats the point of having swag without substance behind it? Ludacris is just as ridiculous as lil B but the difference is hes doing it with skills , same with Missy and the Yig Yang twins. They knew how to be funny but when it was time to drop some real heat , they went in. Its that Time for lil B cause we've already seen what happened to some other xxl freshmen who didnt strike when the iron was hot.

  • all day

    @ marty, look up nthe songs age of imformation, i am, i am the hood, live twice, remember the name, motivation, exhibit based, one time, the new negro... tell me why any of those lil b songs are wack

  • what??

    SmokinAces is a because I don’t like this it should banned ass nigga. If you don’t like Lil b why spend time watching and then commenting? You gay.

    mike said this on April 12th, 2011 at 11:21 am

    @mike & @solger funny how u niggas are quick to attack someone when they bring up a valid point (which smokinaces did) but cant defend the fact that he makes the same song but with a different name tho. Also Calling me an or anyone else an elitist = 0 arguement in defense of liking this shit anyways. Dont get mad or defensive, just admit it, u guys like the same garbage being recycled to u (since u cant argue why its dope and how its justifiable to like the same garbage over & over again). If u aint ashame of it, own it.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Lil B is for the youth to get hype and wild out to. It's fun. All of the 'Thank you Based God''You can fuck my girl' etc. is just part of the 'joke'. In all honesty though, do you really think the masses could even comprehend the density in artists like Blu's music? There's a clear cut reason simplistic music is popular amongst the masses...but that's a whole nother discussion nawmean? Jets fool.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    @Marty Luda and Missy for sure, but you and I both know damn well the Ying Yang Twins never 'went in' haha


    Lil B > Every Single ‘Rapper’ From The 90’s

    HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeTimmyTurner said this on April 12th, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    ^^^^riiiight........and my father is really bill gates.....

  • NutsAreBiggerThanYours

    you guys can't front, this is funny as hell

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeTimmyTurner

    You had a few 90's rappers that were dope, but for the most part they were more ignorant than Lil B.

  • KerryFigs

    I love deconstructive music from the BasedGod. Google that if you don't know what that means. SWAG!

  • Billy Clint

    Lil B > Every Single ‘Rapper’ From The 90’s
    translation he is better than nas, outkast, common

    but cant be better than o.j da ju man, gucci and soulja boy cos they were rapping after the 90s. i see wat u did there yeaaaaaaaaaaah


    You had a few 90’s rappers that were dope, but for the most part they were more ignorant than Lil B.

    theres loads of dope rappers to day and loads of ignorant ones, just like the 90s. ur talking a load of rubbish. there werent "more" ignorant ones back in the day.
    wait outkast, bdk, krs1, eminem, jay z, nas, pun, dead prez, i technique, k-os, guru, beanie sigel, scarface, AZ, cormega, rakim, .....ahhh forget it hahahhaha


    you guys can’t front, this is funny as hell,< ER.not really.

    hahaha everyone hating on lil b has no idea that they’re the joke to all lil b fans and based people in general, which if you live under a fuckin rock you might not know but IS A FUCKIN MOVEMENT. you all are just gettin left behind and were laughin at your asses << i dont hate lil b...and i like sum of his music..i dont live under a rock..but no 1 knows who he is where i live but they all live happy lives..i think u make urselves feel better by thinkin ur doing sumthing unique..(which is listening to music???) and the rest of the people are dumb? the worlds population is 6,775,235,741 so its safe to say ur actually in the minority...


    you all are just gettin left behind and were laughin at your asses!

    wat exactly are u leave us behind..where are u advancing to? or wat r u advancing in? and if its so great "over there"...y are u looking back and laughing...arent u having a great time by yourselves?

  • Jeph Barthold

    Music is entertainment to me and Lil B is a hell of an entertainer. So if your a person who likes your music to be personal to your life or you're looking for your artist to have "skill" then thats your preference. But please stop with this, "The next generation is doomed" bullshit. Illmatic didn't put you through college, work ethic did. Nobody's going to be dumbed down because they like to sing and dance to based music. Not everybody wants to be fuckin' lectured every time they listen to music.

  • Jeph Barthold

    Sometimes people just want to have a good time. No one is fooling anyone. Yes, I am aware that these type of Lil B songs all sound the same and so do the rest of his fans. Do you think we give a fuck? This is the type of music we want to cook to we're not looking to cook to something with complexity and meaning (Even though Lil B can do both easily) Do you think metal fans want their favorite bands to rap over 808's and synthesizers? No, they want loud guitars and screaming to mosh pit to. And @marty No one needs to tell Lil B anything. He doesn't need to be "more serious" come album time. All he needs to do is continue to be himself. Thats why people are drawn to him, because he doesn't care about the opinions from the likes of you and other people who have a conventional way they like to hear their music. Lil B is intuitive and thats what got him his success.

  • Mahbod

    Rap Genius explained the video:

  • Inf

    I WIT EVERYONE HERE WHO SAYS THIS IS TTTRASSSSHHHH!!! This the CD u throw out the window on a highway & let the trucks smash up! STRAIGHT BULLSHIT!!! FUCK ALL YAL INGNANT (Misspelled so u fools can understand) M*Fuckers that support this garrbage!!!

  • mookie

    Lil B got sac-town hoes tho!? i officially feel #based now that i know im fuckin the same bitches as Lil B

  • J.Chronic

    Vado was suppose to have this spot but he let Lil B have it He's gonna be on the cover of Source Dipset Edition which is beter ballin with niggas who already got moeny or niggas who tryna get it Hm? VADO DIPSET FUCK BASEHEAD BITCH NIGGAS YA WHOLE FAN BASE are base heads themselves and I ain't talkin music wise Fuck nigga all slime.

  • Francois Bourgoise
  • JPM

    You know what... fool might as well just put his watch on a table and film it...

  • Swaggerific


  • @Top5DOA

    I know all this Lil B ish is for entertainment and all but I'm not gonna be praisin some cat callin him Based God and ish ... smh Blasphemy at its finest. That "Look Like Jesus" track and video was crazy, i hope i'm not goin to hell for watching it.

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