This edition of Show's Fox 5 series is inspired by the talented but embattled R&B singer R. Kelly. Waterworks not included (thankfully). Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Show Tufli - S. (Mixtape) | Mediafire


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  • Dez

    Let me check this out

  • helovesme

    niceeeee ..

  • asdasd


  • milly

    nothing special. you'd think with 8 tracks he would go all out. some good production.. skipped through most of it tho

  • 2cali

    Dope Project man...


    I can't fuck with Kells so I'm not sure if I even want to listen to this

  • walter

    Feeling The Music.. Shouldve had more tracks but overall its a good tape

  • Rianna

    Must Download Dope Production

  • TJ

    Good Shit

  • tr

    Checking this out on the strength of Don't Let Me Go.

  • whitepower

    Feeling this dude lately..

  • lil wayne cousin

    this guy is gonna be 1 of the top New atrist coming up... he special.. New artist dont bring it like he do..

  • NSGM

    something light for the fans... i let u know the album music will have a special sound. slime putting out a lot of music and it so ya ipods dont get tired of the same ol. No Sleep Get Money we grinding. no one is putting out as much music. tape is good for what it is. it came out on vday, now u have some more music in rotation on them late nights

  • Tanjrum473

    Whats the password meka?

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