During a discussion with The Herald Sun, Pharrell speaks on the next Neptunes album.

This new Neptunes record we’re working on right now is vicious. It’s definitely harder – it totally demands sweat.

He also breaks down the difference between an actual Neptunes album compared to a N.E.R.D release.

Music is music. But with N.E.R.D we put more of our personality into it, that’s just us being us, and with Neptunes we produce for a lot of people so we allow space for their personalities, for them to be themselves and our music sort of commandeers the direction a bit.

Shouts to TheNeptunes.org on the find.


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  • ***************************

    pharrells a fruit

  • Shag Diggler

    Clones was a amazing album!

  • http://swag.com The Best

    ^The person above me is a fruit.

  • @QuietBoyQ

    I wish P drop another mixtape.. in my mind the prequel with dj drama was classic!!!

  • @#%%^

    ^^^and u like em ripe

  • 2Ballz2DaChin

    "pharrells a fruit"
    I tottaly agree with that... Cut that N.E.R.D. Shit out and go back to that original neptunes "Nore - Superthugs" type style

  • music snobb

    awwwwwwww shhhhiieeeettttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!
    xmas has jus gotten better

  • Shaggy

    ANYONE Where can I get those Glasses Pharell is wearing??

  • 1opeboy


  • HermesThiefGod

    Neptunes Clones: frontin' = Nostalgia 2 the max. This album better be unlike anything fuckin N.E.R.D.

    @Shaggy those are Wayfarers (if you didn't know).. Many companies make them including Ray Ban.. If you're lookin for those exact lenses tho, i don't know man..

  • Shaggy

    @HermesThiefGof why would I ask if I already knew? of course I don't thats why I asked BUT Thanks

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