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First leak off Biz and KRS' upcoming collaborative effort, Godsville.

DOWNLOAD: Showbiz - Show Power f. KRS-One | Mediafire


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  • D

    Time to put the mic down, guys. Don't ruin your legacy.

    IS that album cover real, Shake? SMH.

  • Rezo

    LMFAO! @ that cover.

  • BillyClintBackwood


    i think the cover was done by the no limit in house graphic designer (aka baby)

  • Black Ryu


    So funny

  • Wazaki

    Ugliest cover of the year ... Hands down !!

  • Saga

    No disrespect to KRS,but his nose should NOT be continued in human reproduction. Lol

  • Blahzay Blah

    Rapping about how wack rap has become is wack in itself wack. Seems like every song he puts out is a fuckin public service announcement. Just shows that you ain't got nothing else to rap about. smh.

  • Dick B.

    I expected more from these guys. A little disappointing.
    And the album cover sucks a**. Please don't use that album cover.

  • Marly


  • souljahboy

    these nigas worse than me

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