Ok so here’s the story about this record: J.Cole sent Kevin Cossom this track with his verses on it and asked that he write a hook. The track leaked earlier with no hook, but we have a version with Kevin’s hook added here, called “Leave Me Alone.” - LowKey

DOWNLOAD: J. Cole – Leave Me Alone f. Kevin Cossom | Mediafire


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  • Wags

    first boii

  • http://@twitter jzoom

    J cole is that dude!

  • spooky

    For some reason Cole is goin stale on me. I'm not sure why but I'm kinda bored of him now. He needs to switch up his style a lil more and work with other producers or something, because his sound is getting old. Hopefully he get get back on track for his album whenever it comes out...

  • megatron

    j cole music. it never disappoints

  • Umm. . . Unknown

    This Isn't New Music! I Don't Understand Why People Are Saying It Is. Is Just J. Cole's "Problems" Song With A Hook? Come On Now. I'm Always On Top Some New J. Cole! :D But This Isn't New.

  • timmy2409

    Umm this isn't in the least new
    Plus the hook isn't even all that

  • Amaan

    its whatever cole is watering down but the only thing is when he drops a project ppl go crazy then after a while it dies out man that come up had niggaz thirsty for months man

  • Amaan


  • BAM93

    This is produced by Jim Jonsin right?

  • nikesberlin

    ^does not sound like Jim Jonsin production at all

  • http://asdfasd dsfadasdfasdf


  • http://bashabashabashamusic.wordpress.com/ bashabashabashamusic

    I can definitely dig on this. thx

  • http://gtfoh.com Starks

    I Like this version a WHOLE lot better. But I also agree... he needs to switch up, he still sounds like a mixtape rapper for a guy that said he's going into album mode, he's awfully taking a long time doing it.

  • Umm. . . Unknown

    @BAM93 Jim Jonsin Did Produce This, But The Original Version Was Called "Problems".


    another wack shit from the most over-rated rapper in the game. A. Hole YOU FAILED!

  • aHometownHero

    I dont think people are realizing that everything that Cole has released this year, except "It Wont Be Long" & "Who Dat", have been throw away songs. Friday Nights Lights was everything that he knew was good but not good enough for the album, and alot of those songs were re-recorded songs that leaked or he wrote years ago. So niggas needa stop hating on unofficial shit, like this song.
    But "When your this high, everybody's a critic"

  • That A

    I'm sorry but the hooks on Problems and Obstacles and this are terrible. What is with this autotune shit out of nowhere? Absolutely terrible song because they can't get the hook right.

    This is coming from a J. Cole stan.

  • Brocho Cinco

    I would have rather heard Cole do the hook instead of this Cossom guy


    this hook is money imo

  • hahahaHA

    but when ya this high errrbodys a midget

    STFU and wait til the album drops and the features start rollin. ungrateful and impatient ass niggas.


    I never really bumped that recent tape but I love Problems (the unfinished version of this track). This is album material to me, sans the recent hook which seems out of place due to me bumping Problems so much.

    J. Cole is too dope. Don't turn coat on him like y'all did too Drake. The minute a mutherfucka gets some shine y'all talk shit.

  • j


  • OhSyx

    Problems was dope and KC just adds to it. Good stuff

  • http://youtube.com/mickswaggger Young Stereotype aka Lil Cliche


    The dude is a problem right now!

  • red

    Like it or not this is the type of hook that J. Cole could use to get on the radio.
    I thought Problems was dope, and this hook makes it better (imo).
    By the way, I don't want to hear the excuse that FNL was throw away tracks. You don't put throw away tracks on a tape that's supposed to build enough hype to release an album. What kind of sense would that be?

  • broken pen


  • beliedat

    cole throwaways>>>2010 hip hop

  • nito

    hook kinda wack you cant humm to it hooks should always be hummable!!

  • aHometownHero

    Cole doesnt have to release his best songs to build hype, and the reality is the mixtape is doint its job. They were still quality songs, which is a testament to Cole's ability. And the mixtape still built buzz. 'In The Morning' & possibly 'See World" were the only songs w/ potential to carry over to the album, IMO. So it was a win, win for Cole. He releases songs that wouldn't make the album, and gets a massive amount of attention for it. People who didnt listen to a Cole song before listened to FNL b/c of the buzz around it.

  • aHometownHero

    And Cole has already garnered the attention of people looking for lyrical substance (w/ The Warm Up), now he is going after the causal listeners looking for a good song (FNL). ie. In The Morning, You Got It, Higher, and this song.

  • ck47

    now this is better

  • NephewOfUncleRuckus

    Let's just wait for his album. Then we can all digest it and give J. Cole a legitimate opinion.

  • defyLogic

    Cole said in an interview that he took several songs that were going to be on the album and put them on FNL. that was when i started worrying that the album would not live up to what i was hoping for cuz about half of the FNL tracks were weak

  • Y silv

    the flow of the chorus by kc cossom is taken from morris brown by outkast . . . still dope though

  • yashVand

    this song is called problems and has been out. wtf!?


    whatta beast

  • will

    it should be said when this was leaked it was called 'Problems'

    sounds weird with a hook now lol

  • ummm

    umm did y'all hear 2face and Enchanted?

    Album Quality

  • Peter

    This dude is signed to Roc Nation, if you think that his best releases are going to be coming from mixatpes anymore, you're crazy.

  • CZ

    i'll stick to "problems"..

  • http://www.yaboyrampz.deviantart.com/ YaBoyRampz

    Co-sign what ummm said. Enchanted is probably one of the best songs of the year period imo.

  • BE E.Z

    The song 'problems' without that gay radio ass hook is way better.
    Cole.....it doesn't work, fuck a hook feature.

  • Jax

    It kills me how people continue to just scrutinize every single little thing Cole does. As he would say, you hated it before you even played it. With the exception of Drake, Nicki and Wiz, I can’t think of any other new hip hop artists having the type of year he’s having. Curren$y (two flop albums), Big Sean (flop single), Nipsey (flop single), Wacka (who cares), I could go on.

  • flawda

    Some of yall mfs are some turn coat mfs. Cole said the reason why he released FNL and these songs was because his production game has stepped up alot since working with NO ID, those songs weren't good enough anymore. I don't know why yall are judhing him on these songs. Let the man make his album and judge it then when it's released.

    Everything he said on Villematic seem to be true, a bunch of mfs sitting behind their computers judging songs and hating. Eat breakfast first niggas!

  • http://reverbnation.com/danielmorenoNJ Young Mo Fo

    I cant be the only one who heard some other guy who did this hook right? This version is wack...KC ruined a hook, and some no name guy did it better. Look it up on youtube and skim through the song, you'll find a version with another guy on it.
    As far as FNL mixtape, my favorite tracks are a tie
    Enchanted, 2Face, Farewell

  • http://reverbnation.com/danielmorenoNJ Young Mo Fo

    It woulda been funny if I was hating on this song. Because I didnt eat breakfast yet and your comment wouldve made me leave. lollll

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  • JonesDeini

    Kev did his thing on the hook, already enjoyed the verses, I can see this joint crossing over.


    bumped this all night and so far, all day

  • word


    currensy, two flop albums? LOL.. just stop.

  • http://shyguy Shy

    this is pretty nice

  • red

    Number-wise, yes Curren$y flopped, but then again so does the majority of CD releases.
    Review-wise, Curren$y made a killing.
    I'd rather play music for it's substance than the number of other people who bought it.

    If album sales really mean something to you, I suppose right now your iPod/Zune has Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga, Drake, Taylor Swift, and Lady Antebellum on the most played list.
    That'd be embarrassing...

  • Jax

    This is too funny, J Cole haters in full effect. You got people saying J Cole album wont sale. Then haters turn around and say, oh it’s ok if Curren$y flopped with two albums in one year, and it was also ok that Wiz flopped on two albums too. And it was ok that Big Sean’s single flopped, and Nippsey’s single flopped. And it’s ok that Donnis’ single flopped. But all those guys are hot and J Cole is trash. GTFO!!

  • http://2dopeboyz.com dahomie

    ay is this gonna be on the album?

  • http://twitter.com/1os LOS

    Problems w/o a feature >

    J. Cole doesn't really need anybody to be featured in any track.

    BTW peep this young cat from the Westcoast CHRIS MARTIN on youtube "Diamond Supreme" and "It's Gonna Come"

  • BeatsByBAGS

    lily allen would have been PERFECT on this song

  • kingkicks23

    im feelin this

  • Don’t turn coat on him like y’all did too Drake

    Cossom was on that one drake song I get money.. which people think is called Juice

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