The good folks at QN5 lets loose of the tagless version of Thee Tom Hardy's collaboration with the original CunninLynguists duo; off his recently released mixtape, The Hardy Boy Mystery: Secret of Thee Green Magic.

DOWNLOAD: Thee Tom Hardy - Around I Go f. Deacon the Villain (prod. Kno) | MF


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  • OnTheRUN

    nice.. lets get the whole tape tagless


    nice now lets get the whole tape tagless

  • BAM12393

    Kno's production is excellent. Every beat on Death is Silent was dope.

  • jollyjj

    around and around we go!

  • 5 Ft. Deep

    Fuckin' dope shit, I'm hoping the instrumental gets released as well.

  • BillyClintBackwood


  • MB

    ^exactly.....not only was Lantern annoying as fuck, but the quality was 160kbps and it sounded even worse than that....every track sounded vacant and shitty...and i was amped for that tape too. This is dope tho, a great look. One of the tracks I really wanted to hear in proper form

  • And Won

    Dope shit, Lantern is always annoying.

  • Berp Willie

    probably my favorite track on the mixtape

  • Chi2LA23

    It's crazy cuz now that there's no tags on this track I really like it. Is he going to release this tape with no DJs?

  • enthusiasm


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