One of my favorite music homesteads outside of the NMC is the DJ Premier fansite. Not only does Primo himself co-sign them but they also tend to drop gems like this, a track slated to be off of KRS and Primo's collaborative effort, Return of the Boom-Bip, dropping soon.

DOWNLOAD: KRS-One – 5% f. Grand Puba (prod. DJ Premier) [Radio Rip] | Mediafire


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  • zany blunts

    whoa... im diggin the collab... kinda seems like it shoulda already been done

  • Solid Snake


  • f12

    thanks for this one meka.

  • Boomerang Slang

    awwww shit!

  • hiphopheroindotcom

    cant really go wrong with production from primo

  • Spacer

    I'm really really not feeling this whole 5%er crap. If you want heaven, Jesus Christ is where the door is. Even metaphorically, figuratively referring to one's self as a celestial being is not only false but demeans the importance of the one true God. The Holy Trinity. There is a way that seems right to man which in the end leads to death. while it is true that you can refer to yourself as a God, whatever that means in your world, it is NOT TRUTH. Don't fool yourselves with this metaphysical unfounded voodoo psyco-babble.

  • And Won

    Sounds dope, I'll wait for CDQ.

  • CaliGrown

    @Spacer who are you to tell people which religion is right or wrong. Focus on the music man.

    KRS & Grand Pu over Preem is dope but it would've been better circa '93. Return of the Boom Bap stays in heavy rotation on my speakers, I'm glad KRS still makes music.


  • Ay, D!

    Love it.

  • BAM12393

    Not trying to be a dick but is it "Boom-Bip" or Boom-Bap?

  • Slickg_ZKC

    This is too ill. KRS-One will never get old enough to not listen to. He is the Real Greatest.Of.All.Teachers.

  • Spacer

    @caligrown I'm nobody to tell you what religion to be. I'm not a religious guy but its obvious these dudes are peddling false religions. false prophets. false teachings. just in a logical sense not even a theological sense. to that i say what Christ says - there is a way that seems right to man that in the end leads to death.

  • Spacer

    @caligrown I'm nobody to tell you what religion to be. but u know what if someone is feeding me b.s. i hope that as a fellow human being you can give me a heads up. u dig? and it hurts me cuz i grew up on krsone bdp and all that... love's gonna getcha has probably shaped my philosophy and kept me out of trouble more than a lot of other things did so I mean no disrespect but yo I can't keep quiet about this situation. My God won't allow me to sit still and take in this false doctrine. It needs to be exposed for what it is. and another thing 5%ers are not a religion. fyi its a philosohpy. a faulty one. but one nevertheless.

  • Boxy Brown

    Why aren't there more comments on this. Straight heat!

  • dwayne


  • dwayne


  • dwayne

    the shit

  • dwayne

    preemo is the best

  • dwayne

    why arent that many comments on here because the majority of the people on this site who come here is pussy and wears tight shirts and tight pants.

  • D.C.

    krs one is the shit knowledge reigns supreme bitches.

  • hellboy

    Premo is the Savior
    KRS is the Prophet
    Spacer is the devil

  • GabarMayam

    Fuck dis 5%er shit and Christianity, some pagan bullshit!! if a black man is God y is he being oppressed!? and if ur a Christian that follows christ y aren't u on road preaching, not eating catfish, prawns or pork? u's lot are lost in life mehn

  • GabarMayam

    @ hellboy ur really a devil saying permo's a savior and krs is a prophet.. wt has krs parenthesized???????


    It's like 1992 all over again!

  • JamStarr

    This shit seriously sounds like it's from the early 90's. only the best from KRS & Premo.

  • CaliGrown

    I don't understand. You said your not religious but you claim "Jesus is where the door is", you quote scriptures, mention the holy trinity and say your God wont allow you to take this in. It seems your promoting Christianity as "the way."

    I grew up Christian but dont practice it anymore and I'm no 5%er but when it comes to this type of stuff you can't say whats flawed or wrong cause, in reality, you really have no idea. As long as someones philosophy or beliefs or religion doesn't harm you its just their perspective, it's freedom.

    These types of debates usually go no where so I'm going to leave it at that.

  • who cares

    this is dope as hell!
    @BAM12393 it's "Boom-Bip"
    @dwayne co-muthafuckin'-sign



  • Don Cornelius: King of the Apes

    @BAM12393 Good question. They had an album called return of the Boom-Bap, which was super dope, and this is the sequel. Hope that helps.

  • DJ Premier

    Hate to be the bringer of bad news but theres no such thing as god, i mean believe in it all you want what ever lets you sleep at night but just because you believe in it doesn't mean your right. "Humans are scared of the unknown, so why not fill it with a being that can't be either proven or disproven"

  • Reality1989

    @ Spacer ,dude just because you think one man's beliefs is BS doesn't give you the right to belittle it. I am NO fan of organized religion PERIOD. But that's my opinion. I mean Scientologist's believe in some pretty way out things ( I guess no more way out than a see all know all being in the sky) But it is their right. Let's just keep it on Hip Hop man. Oh I think this joint is fire. Preemo is a Beast!!

  • thisguy

    shit is dooooope

  • who cares

    Anyone have any idea of a release date for this album?

  • iamblunted

    this is mad doooope. can't wait for the cdq
    premo is crazy

  • BillyClintBackwood

    dope beat, krs does spout religous raps ( i hear u its not,"organized religion" but..really it is cos there is rules/framework not necessarily a negative thing) nd by rapping the way he does he leaves the room open to start debating about religion.

    DJ Premier< again thats ur OPinion. as you said "just becasue u belive it doesnt mean that its true". you have to apply that to urself also.

  • Geebo

    this is wicked - been waiting on something like this for time now. bring on the album



    Peace 7

  • idk

    This shit took me back farther than daylight savings time.

  • Factorx

    Dam sh*t gonna be dope, you already know.

  • Roonz


    That's because you're an 85er that be-lie-ves in mysteries and guesses. "5%ers" show and prove. And if you don't like "5% crap", I suggest you stop listening to hip hop in general, especially East Coast hip hop

  • Spacer

    @everyone taking shots at me. I am 100% familiar with 5%ers. brand nubian. guru. wu. 120 lessons. supreme mathametics. 7. build and destroy. cyphers. gods earths. none of y'all know me fam. my doctrine is christianity. but I'm saying I'm not peddling any one religion. and I'm not a religious dude. I don't follow a pope, or a pastor, or an iman or rabbi I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ as best as i can. we are all sinners. and its not that i think 5% are full of it. its because they ARE. the bible is the oldest most reliable document there is. check the dead sea scrolls, historic accounts, archeology. These things really happened. as far as 5%ers go - hey i hate to break it to you. but hey newsflash. you are NOT a god. really don't take a genius. call me 85er whatever. ""Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves." Matthew 7:15 its just hip hop huh? check yourselves yall. just saying.

  • Divine Math Allah

    A black man isnt God but THE Black Man IS the true & living God yall gotta understand what some people perceive to be God is not right and exact. There has to be Devil in order for there to be God. People must understand what others are saying as well as what they're saying. Why is the black man oppreseed? The Devil! How would you know what good was without bad. As far as KRS goes I dont know the brother but I know he aint a member of the Nation of Gods & Earths. He very well may be a 5% though. The 5% are the poor righteous teachers has nothing to do with being naturally Divine(God) or weak/wicked(Devil). Anyone can be a 5%. God is the Original Man & White Man is the Devil by nature. Every black man aint God. I respect all those who are open - minded & vise-versa.

    Peace to the Gods & Earths

  • Allah

    U 85s dont even know what you're worshipping. If youre a "real" Christian I got 1 man for U to research: Constantine the Great. This'll let you know where the actual "holy trinity" ideology and even Easter dates come from.

  • Spacer

    @Divine Math fake Allah - first of all i understand its a general abstract concept but even placing a rough figure of who is 'wise' and who isn't is statistically improbably. and ur saying white peole are the devil? hahahah accordign to you then mother theresa is in hell.smh. keep pushing your illogical, make believe, metaphysical, blashphemy. At the end of the day know this. YOU HAVE NO PROOF. your theories lack foundation. I hope the real God curses your knowingly false ideology. as far as taht dude 'allah' dude. everyone knows that buddy. and the origins of christmas too. saturnalia. it still does not falsify the bible one bit. neither does the zorastrian myths that came before nor any obscure references the devil has you spewing at me.

  • BillyClintBackwood

    white people arent the devil thats called racism...also white people came from black that wud make us the father of the devil right? oh and btw...most african americans have some white in them..sorry..its just a fact due to most of u are devils too rite?



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