Off the Memphis emcee's upcoming More Or Less LP.

DOWNLOAD: Skewby - Believe | Mediafire


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  • yugang

    I fucks with this! Havent heard a bad track from skewby yet!


    Pretty dope artwork, and I saw the "Memphis MC" line ... of which he might be the first right? This is very different from most coming out of that area ... and it's a dope effort. I'll check for the mixtape, thanks!

  • IzZy

    Got to be one of my favorites up and comers, ain't heard nothing wack yet.

  • CZ


  • Don Hypothesis

    Thanks for continuing to support Team 88 - #moreorless

    ‎"I'm sick with a disease called legendary"

    The Sneak Peek tee shirt didn't lie.

  • maxx

    this is actually dope

  • FlyUno

    Hey this is pretty dope. Skewby gettin his shine on.

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