Second leak off the Brown Bag AllStar's upcoming album Presents: Soul Like Khan, dropping November 16th.

DOWNLOAD: Soul Khan - Fahrenheit f. Akie Bermiss | Mediafire
PREVIOUS: Soul Khan – Suck My D*ck (prod. J57) (Video)


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  • DragonBalls

    This dude is the author of the best rbuttle of all time. The rebuttle was so great that it won him the whole battle after he chocked the whole round.

  • SparX

    Dude is overlooked! Do you guys fucking hear what hes spitting? SHITTING ON your KANYE and anyone else getting radio time

  • Boy2dope

    damn i can't wait for November 16th.. Soul Khan is probably one of my fav. battle rappers. dude is sooo underrated

  • P Thompson

    FIRE!!! This dude is too nasty

  • Marcas Reg

    Soul Khans a beast. Very lyrical

  • rjblaze23

    khan is a monster with the battle raps.. after listenin to this go check out him and dirtbag dan..he loses he shoulda won it was incredible ha

  • sihkwihtiht

    dudes the only battler that makes good music. And I mean really fuckin good music.

    Downloading now

  • flava

    BBAS Does it again. They have to be one most consistent crews out! good shit can't wait for the album. HEAT ROCK!

  • k3


  • newcomment

    speechless. major labels should listen to this joint and then ask themselves "what the fuck are we selling?"

  • ineedm0ney

    Every track I click on says is Invalid for copyright. Literally every usershare track for the past 20 posts just an fyi.

  • Frank Ham

    Mediafire is working. Y'all shud use that, worked just fine for me
    Usershare down though on the otherhand.
    This boy dope as shit. Caught him at A3C. Only act not from the south I felt

  • http://Shyguy Shy

    Khan doin big things.
    Brown Bag!!

  • Gillie

    rumor has it that nicolas heller (c-rayz wals "destroy" fresh daily's "thanx" homeboy sandmans "the essence" directed the video... can this be confirmed? is it out?

  • grs

    "never been afraid of global warming, cause the same shit happens when Soul's performing"


  • b1ward

    @gillie rumor is correct, video coming soon...

  • zig

    Fucking excellent. A battle rapper that knows how to make good music... A rare sight indeed

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