BONUS: Game - Make Up Sex f. Raheem DeVaughn (prod. The Neptunes) | Mediafire


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  • Gamelectronica

    First and dopeness don't care what people think Make Up Sex is nice!

  • dwayne

    Grown Men Music

  • crackadon

    i fucking hate videos where the artists don't appear. like that fucking snoop and jay-z i wanna rock right now bullshit. this shit pisses me off. you're that busy working on your album that you can't make it for the video? fuck all that

  • JCK88

    R.E.D. ain't ever comin out...

  • Truth


  • Sub

    who's the girl at 0:23...damn

  • Kurt Gobang

    wait, wait, wait... eyedea passed away?!?!?

  • yuuup

    @crackadon game had nothing to do with the video, someone shot it and sent it to him

  • dwayne

    crackadon likes to see dudes in videos GAY. Stay out of your sister's closet nigga - termanology.

  • jam jizz

    He didn't made the video dumb ass this is a fan made video he shared on twitter stop hating

  • danielthemartian


    FUCK,def they are the best duo of producers (1 j dilla)

  • danielthemartian

    Kurt Gobang ...yeah homei... bu..

  • YURP

    Cool and Dre produced this i think..

  • tvr

    Apparently this is a dre beat

  • yuuup

    so far the track is rumoured to have been produced by Dr Dre, Cool and Dre, The Neptunes wonder which producer's name is next lol

  • Dino

    wtf? this is the most awkwardest music video ive seen.
    da hell u got the girls lip syncin to this??
    fuckin waq.

  • tvr

    Game's flow is on point on this track though this could have some real potential

  • bearWITHbandana

    fucking terrible video. waste of a post.

  • Lil’ Nello

    This is some very dope grown ass music! Most definitely don't see how anyone can hate on this track!

  • daveg

    This Make Up Sex track is nice. Keep goin Game. I bet R.E.D. is gonna be FIRE! Save the best for last.

    If you don't have atleast 15 straight bangin tracks after all this time...oh well. I have confidence in Game.

  • uch

    Love this track. Glad it got visuals.

  • dave

    anyone else think woman doing the vo is hilarious? way to make a video with half naked woman so unattractive? make them sound the game and tip

  • Po’

    pause @ 0:15. U know the chick who says : "I ain't talking marriage"
    Dats what a nigga need !!


  • 2guta

    ^ same thing i said. chick is BAD


    this make up sex is a nice track. sounds like something that would be on a cd compared to what has been coming out as of late

  • IGetLonelyToo

    lol these girls aren't that attractive are they? Cool concept tho.

  • Dj Red

    this was a ja rule track

  • Taihair

    WAIT, What dudes are complaining about the artist not being in this video??? The only reason you should be mad is if you are 1) Gay or 2) a female.....who doesn't like females. I ain't got no problems with anyone who may be gay, but that's the only reason you should be mad lol

  • Taihair

    And the video is tasteful. It ain't no tip drill

  • j.e.t.s.

    holy shit this video was terrible. on another note, the old game was fucking sick on the documentary and LAX was pretty tight but i dunno about him now.

  • Ojandkush24!!!

    WTF is Game Doing???? man somebody please put Kendrick and Ab-Soul on and lets do this shit WESTCOAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough is enough seriously

  • mmkayy

    is anyone else gettin commercials on the right....fck

  • Pro D

    Yall quit hatin let niggas try somethin new...Artist grow they aint gon keep comin wit your favorite joint style!!!

  • mmkayy

    some of those girls look like out

  • Young Yung

    You do know this is a "mixtape track" and the video is a "fan made video", right? Also, Dilla is good, but I wouldn't call him the beat producer ever, especially since no one said that while he was alive.

  • Chris

    u honeslty think a fan shot this? what kinda fan can affod to buy or rent SLR maclarens, rolls royces and hollywood backdrops?

  • Musikfiend

    who’s the girl at 0:23…damn


    Damn that who was that chocolate thang @ 00:13, lol.

  • Obdulia Speich

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  • CieAura

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