Directed by John Bollozos.

During the Vegas stop of Atmosphere's To All My Friends Tour, Clement & Co. shot a four-minute flick w/ Rhymesayers emcee, Grieves.

"Shadow of a Giant" documents Grieves as he comments on the tour, how his signing with Rhymesayers has affected him and his expectations for his future releases. This four-minute film encapsulates the artist as he comes to grips with the shift from being a respected tour musician with a cult following to a representative of what URB Magazine (and Shake) calls the "best label of the decade".

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  • ML

    EASILY the best label of the decade. It's not even close.

  • Solzilla

    It's been a long time coming homey. Proud.

  • danny_

    This kid can produce & rap. I fucking love it.

  • kenyon

    more shots fired at black clover by grieves. mack even tweeted that him and grieves were working on new shit the other day???? why grieves still dissin the label that put him on after they squashed it? grieve is a snake u ask me..

  • King K

    ^nobody did

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