The Brown Bag AllStar drops off another gem for the latest installment of DJBooth's freestyles series. And remember... SK will be rocking our A3C showcase this weekend in Atlanta; while 2DopeBoyz Presents: Soul Like Khan drops this November. Get ready!

DOWNLOAD: Soul Khan - Khan Wilkes Booth (prod. Deejay Element) | Mediafire


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  • Ryan Nason

    This shit is pure heat!

  • andre88

    Wow I can't wait for this nigga album

  • EverydayAsian

    good shit. Anybody know when his battle with Madness is gonna be up?


    good shit but i really cant stand his voice


    can't wait for that battle. laughs for days

  • killa!

    Dude voice is crazy dope!

  • whatupsucka

    He's still afraid of Warbux...

  • Boy2Dope

    LMAO... this song got hard, he got the cena beat thing in it

  • Bruis

    Holy fuk this shit dope!


    Terrible fucking chorus. This guy has no career. Straight jewish trash.

  • dick rause

    terrible chorus? he did the shit for it's promo for them. put a gun in your mouth as soon as you remove the dick from it. khan is the only battler that makes good music since rhymefest

  • BAZZ

    Kahn did it again! Heat rock.

    and yeah, if you didnt realize this was a djbooth promo (written under the pic) then you're almost as dumb as your comment

  • BAZZ

    directed at TechSpit

  • Jordan


  • slopfunkdUst

    this about the 3rd listen in a row. Fire

  • JacobHotFIRE

    is that a john cena sample?

  • TheReignMan

    That's the John Cena sample that was produced by Jake One

  • Berp Willie

    this cat is on some shit.... some dope shit

  • bobby boulders

    i wanna thank the makers of the refrigerator...for keepin my food cold.

  • JohnKerr

    Yes Khan!

    "Suck My Dick" was pure genius as well.

  • Mito

    Shit Mantana!!! Killing it with the beats nice!!! Mantana thats my nene!!! Mio!!! All your ppl who just diss this Jew you called need to shut up and show respect for the guy who knows his vocabulary words alot of rappers can't make sense when they rhyme and flow is horrible.

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