REL from D2S sat down with San Francisco representative DaVinci. He speaks on the new album, how he began rapping, growing up in San Francisco's historical Fillmore District and more.

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  • The Forker

    I'm a fan of dude. He came off kinda boring in this interview though. When that video in te beginning gonna drop?

  • ibang


  • abs

    The Video is for "Concrete Jungle Juice". Be out in a week or so. it will be up on 2db for sure.

  • 41510pugilist

    Glad to see d2s is still backing bay area artists. This guy DaVinci is someone ALL hiphop fans in the Bay should be pushing for.

  • Eyescreambars

    It did take a while for his music to grow on me, but I do appreciate it more now that it's sunk in.

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