Original version; featuring Lloyd on the hook. Via Neptunes.org.

DOWNLOAD: Clipse - Showin' Out f. Yo Gotti & Lloyd (prod. The Neptunes) | Mediafire


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  • Kidd Izzo

    I Like the one with Pharrell on it better

  • Wamya Tembo

    Yeah, the Lloyd shit wasn't working.
    I'm glad he got taken off the finally shit.
    Lloyd wasn't doing the grimey vibe no favors.

  • Grump

    Oooh this is just a huge noooo. Could have done without Yo Gotti and Popular Demand would have been infinitely better without Cam'ron's brain dead verse too.

  • chris_marticus

    man,sounds bad because this isnt got mastering for lloyd

  • http://www.twitter.com/josephdexter Mr. Dexter

    wow, im glad they removed lloyd his voice is way to soft for this shit.

  • Jamie

    Glad this wasn't on the album >_>

  • Deneire

    man he fucked that song up!! good thing they didn't use it

  • russell

    Where the fuck is the version with Drizzy Drake?

  • uzi

    ye pharrell >>> lloyd on this

  • sean cameron

    "Where the fuck is the version with Drizzy Drake?"


  • http://www.Twitter.com/TheDavidCollins TheDavidCollins

    @Grump. You're trippin. Killa makes Popular Demand dope

  • Geebz

    this is shit that just needs to stay in the vault.

  • rocky

    "this is shit that just needs to stay in the vault."

    this. nobody needed to know that this shit existed.

  • herbsaac

    @GRUMp.. Cam ron KILLED popular demand.. all the remixes that came out were disrespectful because that track should not have been brougth out from the grave.. Fabolous sucked on it.. Let his crew of no namers rhyme on it they sucked.. Cam RON KILT it

  • ???

    Lloyd fucked this up
    I hope the Drake version leaks soon and that he has a GOOD VERSE, not like that weak ass verse on Lose My Mind. Plus Drake x Clipse is a combo you can't hate on


    lloyd sounds like a girl

  • Radio Raheim

    This song is too hard for Lloyd. He sounds so soft on the hook. Let's let that instrumental leak now because that beat is so dope.

  • verizon

    no. glad they didnt ruin the album version by putting lloyd on there. song is too tuff. malice got one of my favorite lyrics from the whole album on here:

    "im from the era of "letter to the better"
    they told me rap changed well ima have to let her
    common loved her i wish i never met her
    the slutted her out theres nothin left to treasure."


  • FRESHman10

    That hook was shit (literally)

  • DoubleClutch95

    Lloyd's version was mastered so you can't hate so quickly... But yea the version with Drake hopefully will leak soon. Don't understand how come he couldn't make the damn album.

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