Random cutie of the day. Click for full.

Hit the jump for a couple joints that dropped the past couple days that didn't get a post. Tracks from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Cee-lo, Rain, Roccett, Red Cafe, Grafh, Lil Jon and more.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - My Street Blues (prod. DJ U-Neek) | Mediafire
- iTunes bonus track.

Cee-lo - I Want You (prod. Jack Splash) [Radio Rip] | Mediafire
- Definitely giving this some more shine once the CDQ drops.

Lil Jon - Oh What A Night f. Jay Sean | Mediafire
- This song has potential to be good. You know... if Lil Jon wasn't on it.

Grafh - Hello, Good Morning (rmx) | Mediafire

Piseas (of Bash Bros) - I Do This f. Mistah F.A.B | Mediafire
- First single off his upcoming solo album, Soulsville.

Red Cafe - Hello, Good Morning (rmx) | Mediafire

Roccett - City I Know f. Dion Primo | Mediafire

Rain - Clearport | Mediafire
- Off Rain's American Dreamin' pt.3 mixtape.

Rain - The Way You Treat Me | Mediafire


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  • V dot E G


  • JonesDeini

    Damn, lil' spottie so bad I'd get her pregnant on purpose, folk...

  • http://www.tomakebeats.com tomakebeats.com

    Piseas (of Bash Bros) – I Do This f. Mistah F.A.B - this should be a slapper!

  • DiggySimmons

    cee-lo , so underrated i weep.

  • And Won

    Cee-Lo is the man.

  • Hotnikelz Tha Don

    how is it the 'random cutie of the day' when you dont post a bitch every day? omg shake is such a fuckin faggot man, i swear

  • robertTHEallen

    how is it the ‘random cutie of the day’ when you dont post a bitch every day? omg shake is such a fuckin faggot man, i swear

    ^ ever think it might just be because its a girl he found the day he does it?
    dumbfucks of the comment section...

    and i need that cdq cee-lo like now

  • http://2dopeboyz.com dc

    ceelo needs to be cdq quick

  • authentic

    damn who is that chick??

  • Ben

    who is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shade

    Her name is Brittany Dailey.

  • Narrow

    whoaaa. cee-looo. what's he doing btw? I heard theres gonna be a 3rd and last gnarls barkley album. Is cee-lo also doin a new solo? does anybody know?

  • JonesDeini

    Call me color struck but I Love me some bad yellow bones

  • Bakke

    Cee-Lo's doing a solo, Goodie Mob reunion is in effect and eventually he'll make an album as The Heart Attack which is him + Jack Splash, who btw is extremely underrated! Check out King of the Beats vol. 1, 38. Special and Right Now(both with Cee-Lo) is fucking fire, can't wait 'til they'll make their album.

  • TOKS


  • way

    that Roccett track is old as sin, correcy? from the free agent tape i copped over here like a half year ago.

  • Navajo

    Bone thugs track is really really old of THE FIXTAPE VOL.2

  • yuuuuuuup

    her nickname is Blue Waffles. look her up

  • XZ

    damn. BRITTNEY DAILEY is too fine!

  • Stop*It*5ive

    how is it the ‘random cutie of the day’ when you dont post a bitch every day? omg shake is such a fuckin faggot man, i swear

    ^@Hotnikelz stop complaining and get ya jergens lotion and beat off like the rest of us..ol bitch azz

  • deez

    damn who is that girl

  • Narrow

    I googled... Cee-Lo is working on a album titles Lady Killer. 1st single Georgia is going to come out on May 11th. shake or meka... please post IT =)

  • bill
  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "BIG EMINEM NEWS that 2Dope still hasn’t reported!"

    because its not news you dumbass. now stop spamming the site.

  • lonestar_playa


  • YoDaddyBrother

    niggas still hating on Lil Jon....

    and Cee-Lo new song is just what I needed to hear

  • 2Skilful

    It could have been the Cee-Lo track and the picture alone... I wouldn't be mad.

  • Igneous

    That Cee-Lo record is smooth as hell.

  • M3

    B. Dailey. Hottest chick on earth. Period.

  • Flippa


  • Claudio

    "The was you treat me" is pretty good

  • http://www.getyaheard.com/reazon412 Reazon
  • http://www.getyaheard.com/reazon412 Reazon
  • Ralph

    Roccett is that dude

  • http://www.imthatdude.com fulltimeboss

    i had this lil jon and also red cafe tracks for weeks

  • http://intelligentRebelLion.org intelligentRebelLion

    bob = cee-lo
    no diss to either love em both got great music !!!!

  • Bakke

    bob = cee-lo

    Are you fucking crazy? B.o.B is dope(album was wack though), don't get me wrong, but FUCK NO is he even close to Cee-Lo.. He's a WAY weaker rapper, got a WAY weaker voice and can't really match his singing either.


    that cee lo tracks on repeat today.

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