Bone Thugs-N-Harmony sit down to address some questions from fans about the track listing and new album that is in stores now.


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  • MrWillDoIt

    It's Bone 4 Life. Headed to the store now to cop this album!

  • california boy

    what was b.o.b soundscan?????????????????????????

  • Meh

    New album is nothing like Old Bone. For anyone expecting that old sound, you'll be REALLY disappointed with this album. Thug World Order was better than this album by a long shot. Lot of people hated TWO though....

  • R-I-C

    im not gonna stop being a fan even if this album sucks bone is the shit

  • Rio$

    so the album sucks because these old ass men aint rappin bout ak 47's and merkin niggas anymore? cmmon are ya'll real fans? just listen to the radio you got these wack ass niggas rappin bout ak's and shit like they just came out. bought the album always gonna support bone no matter what............................unless they got soulja boy on a track which kept me from buying 8ball and mjg's new album

  • Meh

    I bought the album, so all this bullshit talk about me not being a fan=null.

  • Tango Down…..Hoorah

    So who's decision was it to fuck up Rebirth on the album???

  • fulltimeboss

    wasnt feeling the album at all..been a die hard bone fan since 93...been disappointed by these niggas for the last 5 or so years

    lol @ layzie STILL saying "alblum" dumb ass nigga

  • MrWillDoIt

    ^^Word tho. It was mixed and shifted unneccessarily. Krayzie's flow on Everytime and My Life though...*bows down*

    "Actin like he know me, I never seen homey, he try t lean on me, I'ma put the beam on him. Trnyna scream on me, really if he only knew that we split him lie a blunt and roll him."

  • http://shyguy Shyguy

    krayzie is a monster. album was ok. dissapointed

  • Ifty

    Man the album sucked only cos it was'nt the album we all wanted.

    Rebirth (OG VERSION), Debt To Society, Innovation, Determination, Gangsta's Glory never made the cut for some reason, but expect BIG THINGS for the NEXT ALBUM "The Originators" dropping by the end of the year....

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