Much like when I heard Copy's last song, I can't help but reminisce about the good ol' days of indie hip hop. Check as he links back up with RJD2 for a joint about his relationship with the late Tero "Camu Tao" Smith. I also included a track they did together that was featured on both Copy's The High Exhaulted and RJ's Deadringer albums in 2002.

DOWNLOAD: Copywrite - Forever and a Day (prod. RJD2) | Mediafire
2dBz THROWBACK - Copywrite - June (prod. RJD2)


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  • ayo

    copywrite is garbage

  • TheLastEmperor

    ill ill ill

    rip camu tao

  • black

    lol this shyt sound boring

  • demise

    trolls are up early. a little late on posting this but anytime cwrite and rjd2 link up its great music. RIP camu tao.
    oh and that sandtrooper track hes on from the same mixtape is ill too

  • Mbeats

    Nice RJD2 beat !

  • skeme


  • graf

    great track. thanks for posting.

  • muzikxl

    CRACK!!! great post

  • paperchase

    rjd2 + copy = great fucking music!

  • jamine

    i gotta agree with what you said about missing the old days. i don't know if it's me just being a typical indie hip-hop head and bitching about how things changed, or if there's something legitimately missing from the music now that was there in the old days. copy's delivery sounds worse than it did then, less hungry and more monotonous, and rjd2's beat doesn't bang like that old weathermen shit did.

    but that's me.

  • cool

    good beat , his latest lyrics are gettin lil better

    COPYWRITE get to ur old shit! when u used to do stuff with marco polo

    is this the same guy he was straight UNDERGROUND FIRE back in the days ...

    and plz shake change that picture ur supposed to like his music thru the pics not want to hit him in the face

  • chizzle

    Nice! this won't blow you away, but u cant deny its not NICE! when ppl use "garbage" or "boring", it makes me wonder why they "act" like they love hip hop? I know everyone has their opinion, and i can ALWAYS respect that, but when u got into hip hop cuz of the Flobots, ur opinion shouldn't matter. Copy will always have a pass cuz of High Exhaulted

  • D

    how the fuck this shit garbage? copywrite is nice

  • nah

    nah copywrite is whack... buddens should kill this beat.

  • Mr. Dexter

    June is a lowkey classic...

  • rrr71w

    its funny when people say rappers arent the same and how they shoul go back to the "old days" music is all about foward progression keep it moving! never heard of copywrite till i heard this track and the shits dop if you ever lost anybody close to you or had a bad fall out, then you can definetly relate to this song i know i did definetly will be looking out for new material from him in the future....

  • Myke C-Town

    I'm definitely a Copywrite fan, but I understand people saying it's a little boring. He's not spitting like we're all used to. But people need to understand that it's NOT that kinda track! This shit is personal. He lost a friend and he rhyming from the heart about it. I dig it. And like Shake I miss the old days, too. Back when The Weathermen was a 10 man crew of DOPE MCs (even Vast was decent back then). Shit's changed. However, Copy's still a nasty MC and you guys calling him "garbage" need to clean the shit out of your ears. However, I do wish he'd drop all the shots at Cage. It's old, man. That shit was, what, 4 years ago? Let it go, homie.

  • Mike

    niggaz wildin this is Hip Hop

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