I'll let the NMC's resident Neptunes stan explain this one.

Another case of beats ending up in the hands of another artist. For those that follow The Neptunes like I do are Neptune stans will know Fam-Lay recorded a version of “Mr. Treat Ya Nose” that featured Slim Thug but was never released. Fam-Lay was to release his debut album Dat Missile many years back but you can count on your project never seeing the light of day when you’re on Star Trak. Oh yeah, Jadakiss was also on Fam-Lay & Slim Thug’s “Mr. Treat Ya Nose” as well. I doubt we’ll ever hear it, though….or wait.

DOWNLOAD: Boo-Bonic - Mr. Treat Ya Nose f. Pharrell | Mediafire


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  • http://forgottenurbanhits.blogspot.com J. Rob

    Philly's Most Wanted = The Clipse beta

  • JWB

    whoever that resident neptunes stan is, he's is 100% right. there's a video on youtube with Fam in the studio recording the song - you hear a bit of Slim's verse too.

  • Analog Digi

    its actually more like if ur under the interscope umbrella ur project will never see the light of day

  • http://www.thebossboard.com EFFeX

    Whatever happened to Philly's Most Wanted

  • YaDigg

    What happened to Neptunes beats? These shits degraded like a mafucka

  • BlackTuesday

    Bonic dropped a mixtape earlier this year and it was dope. Yall should post more stuff from his camp. He and Rich Hil make good music. -Tues

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