Two unreleased Snoopy cuts, said to be produced by The Neptunes. Playa came to me with two open verses but I'm not having that so I cut them off. Spotted at UG.

DOWNLOAD: Snoop Dogg - Can I Get a Sample
DOWNLOAD: Snoop Dogg - Playa


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  • bwatts

    i dont think those are neptunes beats

  • Aush

    Yo Shake, keep it locked!

  • Kuruption

    This Playa track is nice.

  • George Clooney

    Anybody else remember when a new Snoop verse on a track (or Lord willing, a whole SONG) was a seriously big deal? Probably not, since that was damn near 17 yrs ago.

  • Mika

    that is not produced by the neptunes

  • JM

    not neptunes at all

  • chris_martian

    that are 100% neptunes,it's 2010,c'mon,not jay-z la la la style beat in 00's

  • courtney

    anyone know where i can download that song playa by snoop dogg

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