New Rishhbwoi, courtesy of X.

DOWNLOAD: Rich Boy - We Like It f. Rico Love | Mediafire


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  • marlostanfield85

    nobody cares shake, you corny faggot

  • anon

    ^ lol random.

  • TimeIsIllmatic

    is this a jim jonsin beat? got all the makings...

  • d.swank

    weak. but i could use some more "Bigger Than the Mayor" type of material from Rich Boy

  • J Will

    My nigga Rich. Cool ass dude in person, met him in the studio.

    Bigger Than The Mayor > most albums.

  • Jdub

    first time i heard "throw some d's" i thought rich boy was wack. then i listened to his album and reconsidered. really respect dude now

  • marlostanfield85


  • TE

    Dope track. laid back.

  • http://myspace Keontae

    Rich Boy Good. FO REAL. But i Wanna hear more hardcore club bangers and i wanna see him in the spotlight and takeover the game. Now im raedy to hear buried alive and some more mixtapes

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