In part 2 of Miss Info's sit down with Gucci Mane, he explains how he was originally supposed to be featured on Usher's Love in This Club. That was until Polow Da Don smartened up and had Jeezy lay a verse down instead. Turns out Radric didn't even know until he heard it on the radio. Ouch.


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  • flfinest

    well yeah it was a smart wasnt as hot back then

    i bet if this was to have take place a couple months ago gucci wouldve been on the record

  • Steven.

    Smart decision, yeah.
    But still... That was cold.
    Like, BRRRR. Haha.

  • Shyguy

    yea smart move. putting tip on the remix was nice aswell.

  • Big E

    ^^^ well he does have a single with Usher right now. and thank god he wasnt on that cuz that was my ISH in early 08. no need for Gooch's wack flow on that track

  • TheRealPdiddy

    pollow da don smartened up and put jeezy on the final cut instead of gucci. duh! jeezy>gucci any track

  • Dangerous Vortex

    @ flfinest

    The fuck you talking about??? Gucci still ain't hot. He's ridiculously overrated.

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  • flfinest

    ^man ur speaking from an OPINION

    fact is hes hot, doesnt matter what you i or neone else thinks..

  • jei

    @flfinest... It's peoples fucking opinions that make someone HOT you dumb shit...
    Damn if you're the finest of your city there must be a bunch of dumb mother fuckers down there.

    Anyway I don't listen to Gucci Mane, but dude handle it like a pro. Soon both Jeezy & Gucci will be irrelevant again.

  • Bolverk

    well i agree that gucci is hot rite now, i fukin hate his music but u cant lie hes been pretty popular, but like JEI sadi he will soon be irrelevant again...

  • buurrrr

    gucci would kill jezzy in rap ..i bet most of ya never listened to gucci and just say he sucks..hatin on 2dopeboyz lovin it on NAH RIGHT....bbbbuuuuuuurrrrr

  • Huh?

    This "BURRR" movement is fuckin' hilarious.

  • http://g T – Crooked I

    Idiots of course it's people opinions that make someone hot but it means a lot of people like him making him hot even if you or I don't like him dumbass niggas. Fifnest is right dummies.

  • Tracy Gaga

    lol smarten up i like that

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  • J to tha S


  • SmashBVLD

    Fuck both these clowns.

  • Dangerous Vortex

    I see a bunch of comments made by the same person or Gucci has a fanbase of complete retards and white hoes. Fact is, dude is overrated. Considered as 1 of the worst rappers ever. All cause he has all these songs don't mean he hot. He just collecting his easy pay from the retards and white hoes. Quality is what always matters and Gucci doesn't have that, point blank. And it's funny how people think dude is real when he's real stupid. People can say he hot. He hot for the dude in prison that makes him break the law doing the same shit every time like a dumbass. Support your jailbird. Well, someone's bitch is more like it.

  • somebodyudontknow


  • checkitout
  • DustinSmith

    I just want to hear the Gucci verse. Anyone else out there as crazy as me?

  • yessah

    I have a new found respect for Gucci after watching this, smart dude. Still hate his music, but respectfully

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