The homegirl that we all know and love, Miss Info, speaks about her 5 Mic rating she gave Nas' Illmatic (full review after the jump) when she used to write for The Source under the alias of Shortie. Classic.

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  • Cage

    LOL @ the background music.... thats actually a white dude singin...

  • Chicken Wing King

    She was right... Illmatic was wall to wall tight!

    plus she foin

  • vip

    on point, i love the fact that nas still takes time to write his music, you can tell when listening to untitled. always makes me wonder about what he would be spitting if he didn't write anything down, a la jigga and weezy.


    I remember when that dropped and everybody has a hissy fit about Illmatic getting 5 mics. I was in Atlanta when I first heard it and thought it was amazing and still do to this day. Even though the Source sucks balls now it did take balls to put out a review like that. Props to Miss Info (and I would do her by the way) and shout out to Rick Astley! (background music)

  • Scorpio190

    good looks ln having the actual review I actually saved it on my computer

  • Mr.White

    Yow thats amazing

  • Fanboy1991

    Wow I would give her a few children. She's a vertern.

  • T-Dot


  • def-o

    oh snap, we just got rick rolled in the background :)

  • purp

    thats wassup miss info is cool and all, But i find it wack they have a little asian girl rating Hip Hop albums that can make or break someones career/life.. I would rather be critiqued by my peer.

  • MJD

    ^^^wow, what a stereotypical prick. You determine someone's knowledge of rap based on their ethnicity. That's very progressive...

  • purp

    ^^^wow, what a stereo typical homo. its 2009, this is all fine and well today, but for the early 90s when shit was actually a lot realer, most definitely. p.s. if ur asain i dont mean 2 offend, i fucked a few asian hoes in my day lol.


    cmon purp its 2009... stereotyping in hip-hop, we off that.

  • purpisdumb

    purp u a dumbass bitch. eat a dick. no homo. hhaha. thats like saying tiger woods shouldnt teach anyone how to golf.

  • AndYouSayChicity

    She credits Large Pro as the producer of "Memory Lane" in the review, that track was actually produced by DJ Premier.

    @ Purp - Obviously Miss Info had the credentials to be allowed to write a review and was employed by The Source magazine in their hey day 1994, so OBVIOUSLY she knows her shit. Who gives a fuck if she's white, black, puerto rican, or asian? To even think that indicates u might be prejudice.

  • Mike

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  • abqGEFbe

    Hi! mYIopOK

  • meh

    Im pretty sure her fineness is directly correlated to her review of Illmatic, thus making her a solid 9-10 in my book

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