The homie Vega got some guerilla style footage of Onyx tearing it down at Harpes Ferry in Boston. And from the looks of it, the show was live as fuck. Above is All We Got Iz Uz; then after the jump is Shut Em Down, Raze It Up, Slam, as well as two new joints.


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  • lll

    Damn, from 4 down to 2.

  • Riddlah51

    How the Frrrrrrruck did I miss this?!!!!

  • lyst

    The kid Mayhem opened for them and also killed it, good crowd it was dope to see real hip hop repped all night.

  • Cynthia

    Damn..looks like a HOT Show!

  • ryde_or_die

    Wheres Sonsee at???

  • Shitbag McGuinness

    how the fuck did i miss this, I live like 2 minutes from harpers.


  • Hector

    I seen the flyers for this. Show looked jumping. I dont get why they didnt have 2 of the biggest Boston emcees, Term & mdot open. That would have been hot

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