Latest single from the E1 singles off their upcoming Rocket Fuel EP. If you're feeling what you hear, click the image above to purchase.

DOWNLOAD: Paper Route Gangstaz - Keyshia Cole | Mediafire


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  • qwan

    ayo shake....the fuck is this shit? rofl, I aint mad at you for posting this tho, get that paper ;)

  • Shake

    smh. ive made ZERO dollars off this site. so please shut the fuck up and move on with that shit.

  • qwan

    LOL chill b, I was jokin...its all good...this song really is wack tho, I guess that means it'll be the summertime anthem.

  • RSX

    this will be on 107.9 soon if its not already...

    This is very bad...funny, but bad.

  • truthbetold

    shake = liar. these cats get mad loot from the internets. word to dallas penn and eskay!


    Their stuff from last summer is better than this. "Bama Gettin' Money" and "Rollin" are my joints for real.

  • Pssssst

    dont believe shake. nigga was trying to block the wave. its the new hustle. look at what happens when labels stop paying. wheres charles hamilton? ahaaahahaahhaahaaahha oooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Shake

    "shake = liar. these cats get mad loot from the internets. word to dallas penn and eskay!"

    i have nothing to lie about. ive yet to receive a single penny off this site. i really could give a fuck if you believe me or not. fuck it...

  • http://none MuSikO

    as long as shakes keeps advertising that pac div tape even if he gets money for it or not im good i don't want them to stop making music

  • Duke

    This does not sound like a Block Beataz production. Maybe that's why I'm not feeling it but yeah, That whole Block Beataz/Slow
    Motion Soundz be bringing the real Bama heat!!!.

  • truthbetold

    shake hates the truth

  • truthbetold

    you have advertisements on the site. you're telling me you don't get a cent!? you either a liar or just dumb.

  • Duke
  • Biz

    The fuck is this UTTER BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is disgusting!

  • fulltimeboss

    wow @ these haters...this shit is straight flames u idiots

  • JayWest

    Word I think it is alright cool joint...And if I am correct they are from where i am anyway HVS, Al...So to hear anything come out of there I am 100% of support!

  • bc1391

    The track is alright. It doesn't sound like a Block Beaterz track though. I've heard better from them.

  • Pasty rep843

    THis songs hella tight to burn to

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