I've finally arrived at my place of residence for the weekend after a 2 hour drive and now I'm sitting at a desk with internet speeds that resemble the running aol man.; but I've got some things to share so let's go. The mixtape tributes didn't take long after Michael Jacksons untimely passing. Here are four; from the likes of J. Period, DJ Slimm, Mick Boogie & Cookin' Soul. Choose at will after the jump...

DOWNLOAD: J. Period Presents Man or the Music

1. I Want You Back (Z-Trip Jackson 5 Remix)
2. Shake Your Body (Extended Disco Mix)
3. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (Demo)
4. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Brothers In Rhythm House Mix)
5. Billie Jean (Kanye West Mix)
6. Off The Wall (Swifa Mix)
7. ABC (Salaam Remi / Jackson 5 Mix)
8. Smooth Criminal (Telemitry Remix)
9. Say Say Say (Dance Mix)
10. Jam (Roger’s Jeep Mix)
11. Right Here/Human Nature (SWV Duet)
12. Thriller (Bird Peterson Remix)
13. Rock With You (Daft Punk Remix)
14. HIStory (Ummah / Dilla Remix)
15. You Rock My World (Jay-Z Remix)
16. Happy Birthday (The Simpsons Remix)

DOWNLOAD: The Press Play Show Presents Michael Jackson Remixed [via PPS]

DOWNLOAD: DJ Slimm - R.I.P. Mike Jackson

01 - Intro
02 - Beat it feat. Kid Cudi
03 - Remember the time feat. 50 Cent
04 - Bad feat. Ludacris
05 - Skit
06 - I Want You Back feat. Lil Wayne
07 - Don't stop 'Til You Get Enough feat. Jay-Z
08 - Black or White feat. Eminem
09 - Thriller feat. Notorious B.I.G
10 - Rock with you feat. Notorious B.I.G
11 - Smooth Criminal feat. 2Pac
12 - You Rock My World feat. Nas
13 - outro
14 - I can´t help it (Cookin Soul Band Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Cookin' Soul Presents Michael Jackson (Tribute to the King of Pop)


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  • omar

    oh ive been waiting now which one will be the best..am i first

  • http://www.dalewillet.com DaleWillet

    Are these just blends or did they just get recorded?

  • Cr!tical

    Hmm. I'll take the Cookin' Soul one.
    & maybe the Press Play one as well.

    It's still really weird though.
    Actually thinking that this dude we thought was going to be around for like, ever, is just, suddenly gone.

  • adf

    tippin on my dick

  • Chuck


  • http://twitter.com/kryptonxxknight kryptonknight

    i'll check em all out. rhymefest's man in the mirror is bumpin right now so i need some new mike stuff to ease the pain.

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  • http://www.theozissou.com Theo Zissou

    cookinsoul looks pretty good. put together my own little mix today. R.I.P. Michael Jackson: The Greatest of All Time

  • http://twitter.com/djlionrock Dj Lionrock
  • http://thatswassup.wordpress.com/ thatdudeHAZE

    this cookin soul tape is dope..

    im bout to peep the press play one too

  • NeLsyBoy

    Cookin Soul mixtape is crazy!! Dope from start to finish

  • Cole7

    Here they are! Riding the death to get my name on a blog mixtapes. Fuck all of you.

  • http://soundclick.com/beatsbybags B.A.G.S.

    u should repost rhymefest's "man in the mirror" tribute mixtape even tho its old

  • ck47

    going to peep the cookin soul mixtape.

  • Jay
  • fro

    downloading the press play and cookin soul

    is the press play just a compilation of remixes? cus the z-trip jackson 5 remix is from motown remixed.

  • AC

    Really? I wasn't impressed at all with the Cookin Soul mixtape, no shots because I usually like his stuff. Would've been better if he had taken his time with it instead of rushing to get it out with all the rest of "tribute" garbage that's coming out.

  • fro

    ^listened to a couple songs so far and also thought it sounded rushed.

  • theycallhimjayayers

    @ kryptonknight, i threw that in the deck yesterday right after i heard the news.. I'm sure there are gonna be some dope tributes cominig in the near future, BET Awards should be much better since they say they plan on "revamping" the whole show... It's sad that it took an iconic figure like MJ passing to bring this kind of change.

  • http://suckingfunglasses.wordpress.com bushytop

    i have not listened to any of these, but j period is the first on my list. absolutely no doubt.
    i've been steadily bumpin mike's music as its appeared in hip hop...sleepy brown's "me my baby and my caddy," naughty's "opp," nas' "it ain't hard to tell," swv's "human nature," ghostface's "all that i got is you," hova's "h to the izzo," de la's "breakadawn," pete rock and cl's "appreciate" (one of my favorite songs ever!!) etc etc etc.
    and yes, fest's man in the mirror is sooooooooooooo necessary....especially for the skits.

  • RIP MJ

    These are nice but is there anyway we could get a greatest hits tape with the original songs?

  • http://myspace.com/dah2l JL

    the cookin soul tape = michael jackson mitape for those who dont want to listen to michael jackson music......disappointed me

  • NoloLin

    Does anyone know the name of the song they got the sample for "Fooling Around" on Rhymefests Man In The Mirror Mixtape? I've been looking for that song everywhere and cant find it.

  • http://suckingfunglasses.wordpress.com bushytop

    ^ "lookin' through the windows." i effing love that song, easily my favorite song on the fest's mixtape.

  • Cole7

    Of course it's rushed. Guaranteed that kid hasn't heard more than 1 MJ album. No one knows the meaning of rest in peace, glory hog fags.

  • mika3lla

    id rather listen to the original music....... =[ RIP Legend

  • Wonderin

    Can't lie...I'm disappointed in the Cookin' Soul mixtape. They should have taken their time. All of them probably should have taken their time, but I'm a big fan of CS and they made something below what they are capable of.

  • Cole7

    Self promoting off someone else's music and death is awful. You all should be ashamed but how could you? When you have no shame.

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  • scoggs

    feeling rhymefests the most... creative, honoring a music and dance legend when hes basically at the outro of his career. it was entertaining, the skits were hilarious and most of the songs were dope

  • vamosarapiar

    has no one peeped j. periods? he generally does great tribute shit

  • http://www.myspace.com/djphasetwo Phase Two

    J Period's is the best tape for real MJ fans. check the tracklist: (HE COVERED IT ALL!)

    Workin Day & Night (Demo Version)
    Workin Day & Night
    P.Y.T. (Re-Edit)
    Wanna be Startin Somethin
    Mama Say/Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (Interlude)
    Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (Demo Version)
    Let's Dance (Shake Your Body Down to the Ground)
    Dancing Machine
    Billy Jean (Demo Version)
    Can You Feel It?
    Off the Wall
    Rock With You
    Say Say Say
    Smooth Criminal
    In the Closet
    Remember the Time
    I Wanna Be Where You Are
    It's Great to be Here (Remix)
    Can't Help It
    Ah One Two
    Heartbreak Hotel
    I'll Be There
    Right Here Interlude
    Human Nature
    It's Your Thing
    Rockin Robin
    I Want You Back
    Bonus: Man in the Mirror
    Bonus: Stranger in Moscow
    Bonus: Lady in My Life

    The remix tape is pretty cool...get that collection of remixes in one place...

    cookin soul rushed their shit and it definitely shows. weak remixes. sloppily put together. a disappointment for their brand.

  • Farshad

    WOW sick mixes guys!!!

  • dimsum

    This has to be the worst Cookin Soul mixtape ever! And that's coming from a big fan of Cookin Soul!

  • Horus

    people sleeping on DJ Slimm mixing skills. Sad

  • skrijd

    press play ≥ j.period > cookin soul

    haven't listened to dj slimm yet

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  • http://nqm-e.blogspot.com Junie Effin’ P

    J.Period - You win, tonight. This is great. Right now, my iTunes agrees cause it's all that's been playing for an hour. Good mixing.

  • Hermann

    its to much by the time -.-° releases over releasese are droppin ... whut up?

    My Blu-Ray Collection: http://bunaldinho.bluray-filme.com/

  • Steve_Rollin

    Definitely have to agree with the dude up top about DJ Slimm. The Cookin' Soul tape is borderline garbage. I haven't checked out the J. Period tape yet but he always puts out dope tributes. DJ Slimm did an EXCELLENT job on his tape though.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/djcashesclay Chrizz

    This Mixtape is not a regular mixtape, please download it and listen yourself, is a lot of stuff in there which you will not find in any other Mixtape,we have the Original Emergency Phonecall, Interviews by Quincy Jones, Moviecuts from Moonwolker Michael jacksons daughter talkin and many many more unheard Stuff!!!
    As a real Fan of Michael Jackson this is a MUST that u got to have!!!
    This Tribute is Dedicated to the King of POP Michael Jackson,
    who has always been an idol to us with his music, his dance and his ways.
    This Mixtape is a small Thanks to his Great Music.
    He will always keep on living in our hearts, thoughts and Blues.
    With this Mixtape we don't want to achieve any commercial success or any turnover!
    This is only for Promotional use. NOT FOR SALE!!!
    This mixtape is to be accesible for every person!




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