Yesterday, the news of Gucci Mane’s benevolent response to 24-23 definitely travelled fast (thanks to many of my fellow bloggers). But while many fans were as surprised as I was to hear Gucci say “I kinda liked it… I must be doing something right… I’m not gonna respond….,” Young Jeezy had a much different reaction.

Jeezy called me Wednesday night, upset about Gucci’s high road response, insisting that his record 24-23 was instigated by what he says was a history of attacks from Gucci Mane (MTV’s related story lists examples from Gucci’s Writing on the Wall mixtape).

And during the half hour discussion, Jeezy also shared for the first time in 4 years his side of the original Young Jeezy/Gucci Mane dispute, what he says happened during the making of their song So Icy, and what happened when both he and Gucci were at Atlanta’s Velvet Room nightclub on Monday night.

You can also check Gucci’s interview and the song that set things in motion (Jeezy’s 24-23) in the embedded player above. And if you'd like to download, head over to Miss Info's crib. And to dead all the stabbing rumors, Jeezy took no knife to the skin. As he clarifies with RR.


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  • Shady Universe

    Gucci is coochie plain and simple. If you dissed Jeezy then you dissed him and HE responded. Gucci can't match it. I still remember when Jeezy murked his bitch ass with Stay Strapped. Listened to that shit the other day and laughed my ass off.

  • Muzikal

    Young Jeezys a faggot haha What happened to LA

    He dont want it with LA, lil pussy

    Gucci Mane + Young Jeezy = retarded negros with money they shouldnt have

    Goes back to listening to J.Period QTip mixtape

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  • Big_E

    Jeezy>>>>Gucci anyday..

    and Stay Strapped Pt.2 would be fuckin epic.. no doubt

  • http://www.twitter.com/thenewam Truth

    he said we can fight dogs. shoot guns. whatever.... lmao

  • LBJ23

    "We can dap eachother we can clap eachother......." Classic..... Thhe boy Jeezy just better.... I aint from ATL so I don't care which one realer.... But Jeezy>>>>>>>>>Gucci

  • Unxpekted

    Young Jeezy is a dumb negro, as well as Gucci Mane... Both fucking wwiiiiickk wiiick waccckkk.

    Southern rap in 09 = trash of america

    Like the fucking hics of the black world

    Oh yeah Yo Jeezy what happened to LA?? Haha fag

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  • SHOWMAN3000

    Just curious; what did you mean when you said "Oh yeah Yo Jeezy what happened to LA??"?
    I'm not being sarcastic by the way. I'm just curious if something happened.

  • me

    gucci mane fans = gucci manes special ed classmates

  • los

    fuck all of y'all hater gucci mane is the shit fuck young jeezy pussy ass nigga. gucci mane go hard and y'all know it .get off young jeezy dick!

  • Compton4Life

    Dirty South Niggas Don't Deserve the word Gangsta. That shit stay on the West Coast. Gucci and Jeezy are fake ass niggaz. there ain't no gangstas in the south, only retarted ass niggas who steal and shoot each other.

  • http://Hotone0threeseven.com Hot 103.7 FM

    ^^^^^^^^^^^ Nigga who are you you don't know shit bout the South.

  • Teana

    Nigga fucc awl yawl hatin on GUCCI. pussy ass niggas. gucci dun made so many hits ova dis beef. 745, killin 4 fun. just accept da fact jeezy ah fucc'n bitch asz nigga. Putin 10 stacks on his chain, nigga yu so rea go buy one. and da funny thing, his bitch ass ain' even get da damn chain! PUUSY. killing 4 fun.

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