Inspectah Deck sits down with InTheBoxTV to talk about Joe Budden, his new artist Fes Taylor, lyricism in hip hop, the Triumph video, and how Red&Meth still inspire him. Speaking of Fes, he sat down for an interview and freestyle as well (after the jump).


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  • funny

    real talk

  • WuTangSucks

    Wu is washed up...

  • skimasksoldier

    wu ain't washed up

  • Patrick

    Deck still in my top 10.

  • Starks

    Why is everybody talking about Joe Budden all he did was voice his opinion lol...

  • CJdaill1

    I'm sick of this shit dude.

    Joe Budden questioned one emcees skills when rapping. The emcee responds in every other way except the one prompted. Him and his cohorts threaten to take it to a whole other level which would end violently. They speak of how influential they are in other countries, and their legendary status.

    Again none of these things have to do with RAPPING.

    I think that you aren't half as legendary you think you are if you can't meet a simple challenge in your profession without getting sensative, and involving everyone but yourself in the matter.

    Thats whats wrong with Hip Hop today.

    Simply put:
    1. The only thing Busta Rhymes, Redman or any other Wu member should be doing is speculating on who will win.
    2. If you claim a spot you should at least be able to do what it takes to keep it.

  • lil ish

    Raekwon was the only one who use violence.
    Anyway, Deck said it man, you diss one member of the Wu, you diss the whole group. period. And doesn't their legendary status have to do with rapping?

  • t.a.morales

    I hate this shit...Joe Budden voiced his opinion and now everybody jumping on him saying that he dissed Method Man!! Anyone can see that Method or the Wu ain't what they used to be. I ain't got no problem with Deck, Rae, Red, or anyone else saying that they don't agree with it or say it was some stupid shit for Budden to say but when they all wanna ride on Budden like he actually dissed Meth...that's just some dumb shit. Let Meth handle his own problems...if he can.

    We need to move on from this shit already...this is the new Chris Brown/Rihanna question that everyone is asking in Hip Hop...blowing it up more than what it is.

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  • Steve_Rollin

    What dude up there with the big ass paragraph said. Ain't nobody talking about a Inspectah Deck (including Budden), so what the fuck is Deck doing saying "there's nothing a Joe Budden could say to make me wanna jump and do something"? Bitch, he didn't say shit about you, quit trying to place yourself in a scenario that doesn't involve you just because your ass is irrelevant in 2009.

    The fact remains, Joe Budden said that RIGHT NOW in 2009 he can rap better than Method Man, and Method Man nor any of his friends have done shit to disprove that. They're all selling wolf tickets at this point, talking a gang of shit but won't for the life of them step inside of a booth.

  • Vutch

    I have alot of respect for the WU, they have put out classics but this is becoming whack. Its not like he straight out dissed Meth and as for the clan, whens the last time they put out a quality c.d.? You can only ride your own coattails for so long. They need to stop focusing on Buddens and focus on getting back on their grind and putting out good music, And for all the WU VS Slaughterhouse talk, it would be alot more even of a battle than most ppl think, Slaughterhouse would def hold there own.

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I gotta respect Inspectahs views. Good answers in the interview.

  • Cage

    Good interview... And speaking of sensitivity, if joey wasnt a sensitive lil broad he wouldnt be whining about the vibe list in the first place... Dont forget how it started, his feelings were hurt about the list. period.

  • Unxpekted

    Verse is above the clouds > Joe Buddens entire music catalogue

  • Matt

    I dont giv a fuck wat anyone says, wu-tang clan and their affiliates are the dope shit. They tell u straight up aint nuttin to be fucked with so this faggit budden shud shut his mouth. Is there something wrong with having atleast ONE real hip-hop group left. None of this rap bullshit.

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