I figure since I'm about to be MIA for a good 3 hours... I'd leave ya'll with some high quality scans of Tahiry's KING Magazine spread. Aka... no two page cut and paste scans, no distracting text, etc. I also included some (disappointing) shots from Keyshia's spread. Enjoy...

Click each for a larger version. Shouts to CutieCentral & BJS!


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  • http://www.myspace.com/otivito V.P.

    Keyshia's body, Tahiry's face. Don't get me wrong I'd go to town on T but that booty is too much for me. She looks like a mutant. She needs Professor X to learn how to harness that power.

  • Wonderin

    Tahiry > Keyshia in this spread.

  • Money

    Tahiry > Keyshia in this spread.

    ^ word.

  • SHOWMAN3000


  • http://jaymcfly.wordpress.com/ mcfly

    sadness..keyshia wants to reduce that gift she's been given..breasteses haha
    if only she would realize that she's wifey. of course she's a side wife to the likes of beyonce, alicia keys, halle berry(alley berray; cant say her name without thinking of that booboo song now) and my main wifey Lauren London..currently haha!

  • ck47


  • http://jaymcfly.wordpress.com/ mcfly

    ^^..to V.P.

    i'm not sure how much Professor X could do to help her out though, thats way more booty than he's used to haha..

  • SHOWMAN3000

    She has a better ass and thys then Keisha Cole easily bur tittis and face is ALL Keisha Cole hands down.

    Teriyaki Sauce looks old and like home girl the Comedy Central Show "Scrubs" I ain't lying:


  • willyblunt

    i would eat tahirys ass with whip cream and ice cream cake shit shes so banging i would 2 girls one cup them both

  • la2thebay

    but tahiry>keyshia for this spread

  • SHOWMAN3000

    Wow you are a wild cowboy... eating shit homie? 4real? Especially Tahiry's big booty and Keisha? That's a lot of shit. wow

  • SHOWMAN3000

    that was @willyblunt

  • Unxpekted

    Keishas BUSSSSTTTEDD but the other broad oooohhhhhhhhh she could get it

  • http://www.twitter.com/brotherdante BrotherDante.

    "I wouldn't hit it raw, but I'd hit it with a fishnet condom."
    - Jamie Foxx on Keyshia Cole.

  • http://coldtrane.com Truth

    real talk...i had a chick with an ass like joe's girl. i fucked it up though. everytime i see a picture of joe's girl, i want to call that chick. damn

  • Lil’ Nello

    Good lawd Keyshia looking good as hell like she usually always does! I agree they could have kicked up the photo shoot a notch to make it a tad bit better but she still look good regardless! It’s to bad they are getting rid of King now to! Damn they things I would love to do to Keyshia she still looks as good as ever but I liked her a tad bit better when she had the gap in her tooth or whatever cause that made her look even more sexier for whatever reason!
    PS-Love me some latinas but Keyshia > Tahiry but her spread could have been better!

  • http://www.twitter.com/randomrandall Ty

    Tahiry= short term, in about 5-10 yrs that ass won't be looking to tasty (i.e. Oprah)
    whereas Keyshia Cole will still be bangin in her 40's (i.e Halle Berry)

  • Pssssst

    good girl

  • http://myspace.com/damagnum4u NIck

    lol if i was keyshia coles man id chris brown her for that boobs comment lol

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  • http://coldtrane.com Truth

    oprah used to have ass?

  • A Hip-Hop Fan

    yea i dont remember oprah havin a butt either....just bread and power...

    Mya > Tahiry > Keisha cole

  • KillaCityChief

    Tahiry>>>>>Keisha, Keisha just dont look that good to me. But don't get it twisted, they can both get it.

  • LaRafayette

    Yo both shoots is bonkers. But Tahiry look like she got to christmas hams in her draws, realtalk.com
    Word is born...

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